Writing Resolutions: Creating a Goal List That Gets Results

Each new year is open to infinite possibilities like the blank pages of a new journal. At the beginning of a new year, many of us make resolutions. However, we often make the resolutions quickly with very little thought as to what is or isn’t working in our lives. As a result, the resolutions usually fail, sometimes even before we take down the holiday decorations and pack them away.

Instead of haphazardly making resolutions that will very likely fail, why not try a new approach? Why not look over the past year, or even five years, and take an inventory of your life? Take an objective look at your life and decide what is and what isn’t working.

Like many people who write New Year’s resolutions, you probably concentrate on those areas in your life that are problems for you and that you would like to change. What about considering those things that are working in your life and which you should continue doing? I can make a pretty good guess that you don’t pay much attention to these areas.

I’m sure you do some things very well. If you can find ways to enhance your skills in these areas, you can easily improve the quality of your life. When you feel a sense of accomplishment by doing something well, there is a good chance that you will be open to trying to do it even better.

For instance, do you find it easy to talk to others? If you do, maybe you can develop this skill by taking a communication skills course. How about volunteering for a position at one of your favorite charities which will allow you to interact with people you don’t normally come into contact with? Either approach would provide you with an opportunity to take something you do well and learn how to do it even better. It is also very likely that you can overcome some of your weaknesses by improving on your strengths.

Now what about those areas where you would probably benefit from some improvement? Be careful when you create goal setting strategies in these areas. You might have a strong tendency to want to make major changes in a very short period of time. If you do this, you can easily become overwhelmed because you have to make too many changes at one time. As a result, you might give up in frustration.

Make it easy to be successful. Instead of trying to make major changes, why not opt for a series of minor changes? Minor changes are easier to accomplish and the success you experience will motivate you to keep going.

Becoming healthier is a very common goal for many people. Let’s say you want to lose twenty pounds. Don’t starve yourself and start exercising an hour a day in an effort to lose weight. Start small.

Begin by giving up one snack, such as cookies or chips, and adding a piece of fruit or a vegetable instead. Then take a walk for 10 minutes. When you are comfortable with this, begin to make some more minor changes. Maybe you can exchange your hamburger and fries for a hamburger and a fruit salad. Then you could move your walk up to 20 minutes instead of 10.

Do these steps, one at a time, until you achieve a level of comfort, and then add additional steps. Each small change will lead you to your ultimate goal of becoming healthier. As the saying goes, “How do you eat an elephant?” -- one slice at a time. You make long lasting changes the same way -- one step at a time.

So the blank pages of a new year are open with infinite possibilities. You can fill them up with anything you want. Consider what you do well and improve upon it. Decide what you want to do differently and make small changes, one step at a time. You can make a conscious choice as to how you write your book. Let it be filled with those things you truly desire.

Della Menechella is a Licensed Minister and Spiritual Mentor who teaches individuals how to use spiritual principles to achieve greater joy, love, peace, harmony, health, prosperity and success in their lives. Her website Practical Spiritual Healing Guide is filled with practical spiritual ideas to enrich every area of your life. Visit the site and get your free booklet, How To Get What You Want.

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