Workplace Spirituality

Applying Spirituality in the Workplace to
Achieve Professional Goal Setting Success

When you think of the idea of workplace spirituality, does it cause you to feel that these two terms are mutually exclusive? Do you believe that your spiritual side needs to be left at the front door of the office before you get to your desk?

When you recognize the Truth of spirituality in the workplace, you will understand that you can achieve your professional goal setting targets faster, more effectively, and more successfully.

workplace spirituality

Workplace Spirituality Tools

So now that you realize your job is already spiritual, how do you apply workplace spirituality tools to it?

I’m glad you asked, because here is how you can do it!

Simple Meditation – Before you step foot into your office, take time to do a simple meditation to help yourself get centered. You want to recognize that you are part of the power and presence of Spirit. You can affirm spiritual qualities which you want to express through you such as harmony, wisdom, and success.

In addition, you can say inspirational prayers -- “Spirit exists in every aspect of my day at work. Therefore, I now claim the power and support of the Universe in having a productive, joyous and successful day. This day is a blessing to me and to everyone who is connected to me. I am grateful that this is so. And so it is.”

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Words of Affirmation – Before you begin any project, say a positive affirmation so you can place your thoughts into the correct mindset – “My mind is part of the Mind of Spirit. Therefore, I am now receiving all of the creative ideas I need to complete this project successfully.”

Namaste – This phrase means ‘the Spirit in me recognizes the Spirit in you.’ This is a good thing to remember when you are at work. Everyone you come into contact with is some aspect of the Divine. See the face of Spirit in each person you deal with. This helps you to look past the separate personalities and to know that you are one with each of them. It can also lead to a greater means of harmony between you and them.

Difficult People – A workplace spirituality idea which can be ‘hard to swallow’ is that difficult people are a gift to you. They are reflecting some limiting belief that you have about yourself. I’m sure you don’t want to hear this, but it’s true.

The Law of Correspondence states, ‘as within, so without.’ If you want to change other people’s behavior toward you, then you need to do some healing work on yourself first. Learn to be kind to yourself, to value yourself, and to treat yourself well. Then you may find that the negative people at your job change too.

Prayers for Healing – Any time a problem or difficult situation arises, you can say a healing prayer so it can be resolved successfully. It doesn’t matter what the problem is, an affirmative prayer can be applied to it. This is my number one workplace spirituality tool!

If something goes wrong, pray first and then take action later. You don’t want to try to fix the problem on your own. Invite Spirit into the process and you can have greater success.

Learn How to Forgive – If any person or situation causes you to get really angry –- or furious –- do forgiveness work about it. This is another one of my top workplace spirituality tools. If you are really angry about someone or something, that intense negative energy is going to make sure they stay in your life. When you are willing to forgive (even if you still think they are wrong), you make a way for healing to occur.

Use These Tools Regularly

Often my students complain to me about their jobs. I ask them if they have used their spiritual tools to help them make things better. The typical response I get is, “No. I never even thought to use my spiritual tools at work.”

I want you to understand very clearly that your personal spirituality is no different than your workplace spirituality. You can’t divide the two into separate pieces. They are both integral aspects of your life.

Apply these ideas on a regular basis. You may find that you enjoy your job a lot more and that you are achieving greater success than you ever believed was possible.

Workplace Spirituality to Definition of Success


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