What is Spirituality?

The Definition of Spirituality in Every Day Life

People often ask me what is spirituality. Is it something that occurs only when I go to a Saturday or Sunday service? Or is it something more?

My answer is you couldn’t escape spirituality if you tried because the definition of spirituality can be summed up in one word:


Everywhere you look and everything you do is spiritual because God, or Spirit, or Infinite Intelligence is in every aspect of your life. The problem is that you usually don’t know it. So let’s take a closer look at the definition of spirituality in different areas of your life.

What is spirituality in connection with health?

what is spirituality - health Even though your body may seem to be separate from spirituality, it isn’t. Your body is actually a wonderful example of Infinite Intelligence at work. Just think about how perfectly your body was designed to operate. If you had to consciously think about all the things that your body does to keep you alive and healthy, it would overwhelm your brain. Yet your body knows how to extract nutrients from food and how to eliminate what it doesn’t need. It knows how to put your immune system into high gear when it is threatened by harmful germs. It knows how to repair cuts and broken bones.

This Infinite Intelligence is supporting you in maintaining a healthy body so you can do all of the things that bring you joy.

What is spirituality in connection with abundance?

We live in an abundant universe. Look all around you. There is an abundance of plants, trees, stars, and air, just to name a few examples. There is so much abundance that we could not possibly count it all. And, even though it might sound strange, this also extends to financial abundance. There could be more than enough financial prosperity for everyone – if only we believed that it was possible for everyone.

What is spirituality in connection with success?

Success means different things to different people. Have you ever experienced success in certain areas of your life? Did you want to get an education and you did? Did you want to live in a certain place and you did? Did you want to accomplish a specific goal and you did? Those are all examples of spirituality showing up in your life. When you set a goal, believe that you can accomplish it and take continuous action towards it, then the people, places, situations that you need to help you achieve your goal show up and support you on your journey. The Universe really supports you in accomplishing your goals and desires, even though you might not be aware of it.

What is spirituality in connection with relationships?

When you look at the people around you who do you see? Do you see friends, family members, co-workers, casual acquaintances, and strangers? You probably love some, like others, and would prefer to not be around a few. But all of these people are the faces of Spirit. All of the people in your world are children of God.

The word Namaste, which is often used in Eastern spiritual traditions, means the God in me salutes the God in you. When you understand that Spirit is in everyone around you, it can help you have richer, more loving relationships.

What is spirituality in connection with nature?

spirituality definition - nature

Nature is a perfect example of spirituality in action. Just think about it. We have a universe with multiple galaxies and everything operates in a perfect sequence of order and activity. The planets operate in their orbits and circulate around the sun. The plants and trees know how to go to sleep at certain times of the year (at least in the Northeast United States they do) and then wake up again and shower us with lush leaves and flowers.

What else but Spirit or an Infinite Intelligence that exists throughout all nature can do this? It can give you a sense of comfort when you see Spirit everywhere you look.

What is spirituality in connection to you?

The reality is that you are not a human being. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. I know it doesn’t seem like that most of the time, but it is the Truth. Spirit exists in everyone and everything and that includes you. There is something inside of you that knows you are more than your body and you are more than your experiences. The problem is that you, like many people, might squash down that inner guidance and only pay attention to the material aspects of your life.

Even though you might not acknowledge that you are a spiritual being, it doesn’t change the fact – you are.

What is spirituality?

It is the Truth of you and the Truth of every aspect of your life. You truly have the power of the Universe at your finger tips. The more you understand this, the more successfully you will be able to use this power to live a life filled with peace, joy, health, wealth, success, goodness and love.

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