Understanding God or Spirit

Frequently Asked Questions to Help You
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Understanding God is a challenge for many people. Since we can’t actually see God (although you can see God’s presence in a beautiful sunset, in the smile of a baby, and in the kindness that someone shows to a person who is hurting), it may be a challenge to know who and what God really is.

I do not claim to be the ultimate expert on God. However, I am a minister and spiritual guide and I have spent more than 25 years working on my personal understanding of God. Therefore, I feel very comfortable sharing what I have learned about how God operates.

understanding God

The following are questions I have often heard from my students and other people who are struggling with their understanding of God. These ideas may seem to be a little different than what you might have learned in the past.

I invite you to read them and go within to see if they make sense to you on your personal journey of spiritual awakening. If you find that they allow you to experience God or Spirit in a more life affirming and liberating way, then work to make them part of your belief system.

Understanding God
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is God’s will for me?

A. God’s will for you is that you experience joy, abundance, love, peace, harmony, prosperity, creative expression, success, and any other good you can possibly imagine. However, God does not determine a specific way for you to experience your good.

What is important for you to know about understanding God is this -- God never wants you to suffer or be unhappy in any way.

Q. If God’s will for me is to experience good, why do I have so many problems in my life?

A. God is love. Although God only wants good for you, you must also participate in this process. The reason? You have free will. God cannot force you to accept the good that is available for you, because if God did that, you would not be free.

Although God is love, God operates through the Law of Mind (also known as the Law of Cause and Effect). Your own consistent thought patterns determine what good you allow into your life. If you continually think negative, limiting thoughts, then you are actually blocking the blessings that are available for you. In order to align with God’s will of good for you, you need to maintain positive thoughts on a regular basis.

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Q. Does prayer really work?

A. Yes, prayer works if you use the right type of prayer. If you pray in a begging and pleading mode, and you don’t really believe that God is going to answer your prayer, then you are right.

spiritual awakening

Your prayer probably will not be answered in the way that you hope it will. Remember, God’s good operates through the Law of Mind. Your thoughts must be in alignment with the good that you are praying for.

The type of prayer that can work very successfully is affirmative prayer. In this type of prayer, you have the mindset that you know that God will answer your prayer. So you affirm the good that you want and you claim that you are experiencing it right now. You are having absolute faith that your prayer is being answered.

Q. If prayer works, then why does it take so long for some prayers to be answered?

A. Again, God’s good operates through your thoughts – conscious and subconscious. If you pray for good and claim that you will receive it, but deep in your subconscious you don’t believe it, then you are blocking your good from showing up. It sometimes takes a long time for your conscious prayer and attempt at faith to change your negative subconscious thought patterns.

Just keep on praying in an affirmative way, because each prayer will have a positive impact on your subconscious mind. When your subconscious mind believes what your conscious mind is praying, then your prayer is likely to be answered.

Q. Is it wrong for me to want to have money?

A. No, it isn’t wrong. It is actually a very good thing for you to want to have money, as long as it isn’t at someone else’s expense. Spirit is Infinite abundance. God created this abundance so that each of us can enjoy the opulence and blessings that the universe contains. This includes money. Money is a form of God’s energy in action. You actually honor Spirit by enjoying money and sharing it with others.

Q. If I don’t believe in a specific religion, will I go to hell?

A. Many people believe that if others do not conform to their same religious beliefs, then those non-believers are doomed to go to hell. This is not the Truth. God is love and, therefore, cannot possibly condemn Its creations to hell. To do so, would mean that God is not always loving, and this is not a possibility. God is love -- always.

There are many paths to God. Some include specific religious traditions, others don’t. Spirit, as Love, embraces them all.

Q. Is God judging me?

A. This is a very important point to get clear about when you are working on understanding God. No, God is not judging you because God knows you to be the perfect creation that It made. You have freedom to do whatever you choose. spiritual guide However, you are always subject to God’s Law of Cause and Effect. If you hurt or harm others in any way, then you will be subject to some type of related retribution -- and not because God is judging you and wants you to ‘pay for your sins.’

The Law states that whatever you give out in life (good or bad, will return to you in some way. If you behave in negative ways towards others, then you will also be attracting similar negative situations into your own life.

Q. How can I become more spiritual?

A. You can’t become more spiritual because you are spirit living in the material world. You can, however, become more aware of your spiritual nature. Engaging in spiritual practices on a regular basis can help you connect with your spiritual nature more easily. Some of these practices include: prayer, meditation, working on forgiveness, saying affirmations, tithing, SEVA or service to God by serving others, studying Truth or Universal ideas of God, and working with a spiritual mentor. In order for these to really be effective in your life, you need to commit to practicing them on a regular basis.

Q. Will I ever be free of challenges?

A. Probably not. Negative situations occur as a way of letting you know that you believe some false idea about God. It is usually because you think –- most likely on a subconscious level –- that God is separate from the situation.

When you realize that challenges are a wake-up call for you to get clearer about God, then the challenges will not feel as bad. You will know that God is always with you and only wants the best for you. When you realize this, you will feel more peaceful. As you affirm the good that you want, and you believe that it will happen, then your good will most likely show up.

Understanding God – Be Sure to Check Within

Although these answers are based on my understanding of God, you need to check within your own heart to see if they make sense for you. Spirit lives within each of us. You have just as much access to God as me or any other minister, priest, rabbi, or other spiritual guide. When you honestly want to know God in a greater way, you will be given the perfect answers for you.

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