Treasure Mapping

Try This Fun and Powerful Way
to Manifest Your Desires

Treasure mapping is a fun, yet powerful way of manifesting abundance. It taps into Infinite Abundance by using the Cosmic Law of Attraction. This technique is often taught in an abundance course. It is a tool that you can use over and over again to attract greater good into your life.

How to Do It

Picture Your Desired Good – Let’s say you want to increase prosperity in your life. You would think about what greater prosperity means to you.

What pictures would represent prosperity? Maybe it would be a new car, or a great vacation, or a new home, or maybe even some wonderful piece of jewelry.

When you have an idea of what you would like to attract, then you can either draw or cut out pictures of these things and put them on paper.

treasure mapping

Make It Visually Appealing – Whatever type of pictures you create, make sure that they are visually appealing to you. You want them to excite you so that when you see them you say, “Yes! This is what I accept.” If they don’t evoke a strong positive feeling from you, you will probably not have a successful outcome.

Create Different Maps – When you are doing treasure mapping, it is a good idea to create separate maps for different areas of your life. For instance, if you wanted to demonstrate greater health, you would create a picture that focused on health. If you were also interested in career advancement, you would create a separate picture for career success.

Put Yourself in the Picture – It is very important that you include yourself on your map. manifesting abundance You want to identify yourself with the good that you are accepting. You can either include a real picture of yourself or you can superimpose your face on someone else’s body.

When I was trying to get pregnant, I found a picture of a pregnant professional woman who was getting ready to go to work. I definitely identified with that picture. So I cut out a photo of my face and put it on the body of the pregnant woman. Every time I looked at my treasure map, I saw my face on that pregnant body. I became pregnant shortly afterward.

This or Something Better – On the bottom of the picture write a statement such as...

This, its equivalent, or something better
now demonstrates in my life in ways of good.

You want to be open to the possibility that something even better can show up in your life.

View it Often – With treasure mapping, it is very useful to view your map frequently. Put it where you can see it every day. When you see it, say “Thank you God. I am grateful for this good.” You want it to become a regular reminder that you have chosen to manifest your desires in this particular way.

Treasure Mapping Tips

No Special Power – There is no special power in treasure mapping. The value in this technique is that you are getting very specific about what manifesting abundance means to you.

You are tapping into the Law of Abundance which can bring your good to you. However, it cannot make decisions for you. You must decide specifically what you want so the Law of Abundance can go to work on your decisions. When you create pictures of your good, you are getting very clear about what you want.

Don’t Be Limited By Conditions – There is a tendency when using this technique to only include things that you think you can realistically have. Don’t be tempted to limit your desires by your current conditions. You are aligning yourself with Infinite Abundance which has no restrictions. Include what you really want.

I have included pictures which seemed crazy to include because they were so far away from what I was experiencing. To my delight, they showed up in my life in the most wonderful ways.

Manifesting Abundance Can Be Fun

When you work with treasure mapping, you will discover that you can manifest your desires in a fun and enjoyable way. Choose the good that you are ready to accept by placing the related pictures on your map. Express gratitude that it is now on its way to you. Continue to have faith and one day, you will find that what you have envisioned, is now your reality.

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