Spiritual Healing Tips

How to Work with the God of Love and
Law to Create Your Perfect Life

Do you really need to work on spiritual healing if you want to live a joyous life? In a word . . . YES!

You might be telling yourself, “Of course Rev. Della would say that. She’s a minister. She thinks that everything is related to Spirit.” And if you said that, you would be absolutely correct.

You might think that spirituality and the circumstances of your life are not related. You couldn’t be more wrong. The definition of spirituality includes every aspect of your life. God, Spirit, Life, Infinite Intelligence, Universal Mind, is the only thing that exists. Everyone and every thing you see is some aspect of the Divine. So, in truth, everything is spiritual.

And that is why you should be very concerned with spiritual healing.

Important Details For You To Know

God is a God of love, but also of Law. And the specific law I am talking about is the Law of Cause and Effect. As God’s creation, you are entitled to live a healthy, happy, joyous, peaceful, successful, creative, and harmonious life. When God made you, He placed theses desires for good in your heart.

God is Love, but God operates through the Law of Cause and Effect. This Law states that whatever you believe is what you will experience. All the good that you can possibly want is available to you. However, you can only experience what you believe you can. In a nutshell,

spiritual healing

Your Consciousness Creates Your Life Experiences

So, if you are not experiencing all the good that you want, you need to work on spiritual healing.

Spiritual Healing Corrects False Beliefs

Spiritual enlightenment helps you understand what you really believe about life. When you begin to become aware of the many limiting beliefs that are deep down in your subconscious mind, then you can do the work of changing them.

Any time you are not experiencing the good that you want, there is a false belief which is blocking it. In order for your good to show up, you need to change that false belief. This is what spiritual healing does. It challenges the false belief and replaces it with the Truth about Spirit’s desire of good for you. When you change your belief, it opens the door for your good to come in.

Common Areas To Focus On

spiritual healing techniques

Health – The majority of people in the world believe that disease is just a part of life. They also believe that some diseases are incurable. You were created to be healthy. If you have some type of health problem, then you need to discover what false belief you are holding which is contributing to your condition of disease. When you transform your false belief through spiritual healing techniques, then your body can return to its normal healthy state.

Prosperity – Many people believe that there is only a limited amount of good to go around. They also believe that some people are lucky, and that is why they are prosperous. Nothing could be further from the Truth. God’s prosperity is infinite. There is more than enough wealth, riches, and good for you to enjoy. And there is plenty more for every man, woman, and child on the planet to benefit from that same level of abundance.

Spiritual healing allows you to believe that you can become wealthy. It helps you understand that you have the entire kingdom of good just waiting for you to accept it.

Law of Cause and Effect

Relationships – Many people believe that it is inevitable to have conflict in relationships. Or they may believe that they will never be able to find that special someone. You were meant to live in joy and peace. You were also meant to experience loving relationships. If you find that this is not what is going on in your life, then you might want to open your mind to the idea that you can have a life filled with peace and love.

Success – There is a strong belief that many people hold, especially in challenging economic times, that there are very limited opportunities for success. Many people believe that they can’t get a job, or if they do get one, they will have to work in a job that they don’t like. This does not have to be true for you. You can hold on to the positive idea that Spirit is Infinite; therefore, there are infinite opportunities for you to work in a career or business that you thoroughly enjoy, and you can be very successful at it.

Here’s the Bottom Line

Basically, spiritual healing is becoming aware of, and working to dissolve, the false beliefs that stand in the way of your good. If you don’t do the work of changing your negative thoughts, then your outside experiences are not likely to change.

Some common spiritual healing techniques include saying healing prayers, working with positive affirmations, meditating, doing forgiveness work, reading spiritual quotes, and working with visualization techniques.

The bottom line is that when you heal the erroneous ideas that have been holding you back, then your good can rush in to take its rightful place in your life.

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