Simple Prayers

How Short Prayers Can Lead
to Every Day Goal Realization

Most people don’t think about saying simple prayers throughout their day in order to help them achieve their goals. Effective goal setting includes deciding what you want to accomplish every day. Saying a short prayer for each of your daily goals can go a long way to help you accomplish what you want.

No Such Thing as Big or Little

goal realization

There is nothing that you are doing during your day which is too big or too small for you to say simple prayers. For instance, whenever I write an article or create a Sunday lesson, or develop a workshop, I always say a short prayer beforehand. I pray to be inspired with valuable ideas which can help the people I am serving.

When you pray before you start doing anything, you are actually inviting the Divine into the process. Spirit is always available and willing to help you in every aspect of your life. When you invite Spirit to be part of your daily goals, you are more likely to achieve success. And the success will be easy, harmonious, and joyful. The Law of Success is activated by prayer.

Try a Prayer in These Situations

For Perfect Weather – Whenever I am traveling on a vacation or if I am doing something special, I always say a short prayer asking for great weather. I don’t want to risk having rain, snow or the wrong temperature ruin my special activity. So I always pray for a beautiful day and I usually get it.

When Something is Lost – Any time I misplace something and I can’t find it, I always say a short prayer so I can locate it. One of my most frequently used prayers for lost items is -- “God knows, God shows.” It always works.

When You Go Shoppingsimple prayers I recently had one of my students tell me that she said a quick prayer before she went shopping for boots. She happened to be passing a small boutique and she was guided to go inside and look around. Viola! She found beautiful boots in her size at a great price.

Before a Meeting – I always say one of my simple prayers before I attend any meeting. I pray that the meeting will be harmonious, successful, and a blessing to everyone who is attending it.

When Challenges Occur at Work – I always pray for my husband’s success at work. However, sometimes things come up which are frustrating and very challenging. When my husband tells me about an unusual problem he is facing at work, I immediately say a prayer so it can be resolved perfectly.

During Traffic Delays – You would be amazed at how stalled traffic clears up, after you say a short prayer for perfect movement and flow. All of a sudden, the cars begin moving at normal speed and whatever was causing the congestion ‘magically’ disappears.

short prayers

Using Simple Prayers as A Way of Life

What I hope you get out of this, is that you don’t need to be in a desperate situation before you pray about it. Saying simple prayers about everything should become a way of life for you. The prayers don’t need to be long, elaborate or poetic. A short prayer works just as well as a long one. One of my most powerful prayers is – “God is here. Good is here.”

You don’t need to struggle through life on your own. You don’t need to try to succeed on your own. Spirit is right there with you, ready to jump in and help. Pray for the help and you will be sure to get it.

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