Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Indications of Your Spiritual Development
That You Can Easily Miss

People often ask me what the signs of spiritual awakening are. Many of them think that they need to experience some grand epiphany to prove they have made progress. When that doesn’t happen, they are not quite sure if any spiritual healing or enlightenment has taken place.

This can often be frustrating for them because they are conscientiously working to make spirituality a major part of their lives. Yet, they don’t feel that they are moving forward. What they may not understand is . . .

the signs of spiritual awakening can often be very subtle.

What are the signs?

Not a Victim – One of the earliest signs of spiritual awakening is the recognition that you are not a victim to life. Many people believe that life just happens to them and that they don’t really have any control over events. The first step in spiritual development is to know that your thoughts absolutely affect your life. If you want the circumstances in your life to change, then you must change your thinking.

Life is a Mirror – Another one of the key signs of spiritual awakening is to understand that your life is a mirror of what you really believe. Many people don’t like to hear this (I actively resisted this idea the first time I heard it), but it is true. You are never going to be able to change your outside circumstances unless you are willing to take an honest look at what you really think.

signs of spiritual awakening

Take the example of criticism from others. When someone criticizes you, it is usually an indication that you are not treating yourself well. Check to see if you have been judgmental with yourself. If that is the case, then you will probably attract a critical person into your life. If you want to have positive people in your world, then you must begin to value and appreciate yourself.

Spirit is Your Supply – Another aspect of spiritual healing is to understand that God is the source of your money and every other good thing. Many people believe in lack. They think that there isn’t enough to go around. When you begin to realize that Spirit, and Spirit alone, is the source of your supply you have made great strides in your spiritual growth.

Turning to Prayer – One of the most important signs of spiritual awakening is to say prayers for healing whenever you encounter challenges. I think this is a sign not just of awakening, but really spiritual maturity.

Many people in my classes talk about some of the difficulties they are facing, When I ask them if they have done a prayer for healing, they usually say no. If you are facing a problem, then turning to prayer is the first thing you should do. Make Spirit a partner in the situation so things can turn out well.

prayers for healing

Healing Meditations- Engaging in healing meditations is another of the signs of spiritual awakening. Taking time to actively connect to the Spirit within is critical to your development. If you only pay attention to what is going on outside of you, then you begin to believe that it has power over you. When you turn within on a regular basis, you begin loosen the control that the outside world has over you.

Some easy meditation techniques include doing a heart meditation where you feel the presence of God’s love, asking for clarity about a situation and paying attention to Divine guidance, or meditating on some words of wisdom.

Watch for the Small Signs

If you haven’t made these a regular part of your practice yet, don’t get discouraged. This is a journey. It is not some destination that you finally arrive at once and for all. It is a continuous movement forward.

If you are committed, I promise you, one day you will be doing all of these practices. Then you can look back and realize how much you have actually grown.

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