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Sample prayers are a great tool for spiritual healing and growth. A prayer for healing can help change a negative situation in your life or in the life of someone you love. Inspirational prayers can help you move from some area of good in your life to even greater good.

Not only can sample prayers work to make your life better, they also provide a model for you to learn how to pray in the correct way. If you use the begging, pleading, bargaining method of prayer (it sounds like this, “God, please help me and if you do I promise I will …”) then you probably will be very disappointed in the result. Those types of prayers don’t usually work.

However, saying an affirmative prayer, with the full belief that it will be answered, will most likely bring you the results you want or something even better.

sample prayers

The following sample prayers are based on the idea that God is love and that God wants you to have the good that you want. You will notice that they are short prayers. Prayers do not have to be long or complicated in order to be effective.

Sample Prayers for Peace and Serenity

Prayer for Peace
God is love, peace, and harmony. God’s love, peace and harmony is the Truth of me. Therefore, I now know that every aspect of my life with filled with peace, harmony and cooperation. I have peace in my home life, in my work life, and in all of my relationships. Everywhere I go, peace surrounds me. I am grateful that this is so. And so it is.

Prayer for Peace of Mind
God is love. God’s peace is the peace that heals all conditions. God is Infinite Mind and my mind is a part of this Infinite Mind. I now claim peace of mind in all my experiences. No mater what is going on in my life, I am filled with God’s presence and perfect peace. It is so. And so it is.

Sample Prayers for Gratitude

Prayer of Thanks
God is Infinite Goodness. God is the giver of all blessings. God’s blessings are endless and they are available for me. I am grateful for all of God’s good that is in my life now. I am open and receptive to receiving even more good in my life in ways of peace, joy, harmony, and ease. prayer of thanks Thank you God for my continuous blessings. This is so. And so it is.

Dinner Prayer
God is the source of all. God is the supplier of every good thing. God is the source of this food which I am now about to enjoy. I am grateful for this food. I am grateful for God’s blessings. I am grateful that God supplies me with all that I need. It is so. And so it is.

Sample Prayers for Special Occasions

Graduation Prayer
God is the only life there is. God is always seeking greater expressions of Itself. God is the Truth of my graduation and my new adventure in life. I accept that I am now moving into new areas of my life that bring me joy, prosperity, success, and satisfying creative expression. I know that I am guided by the Mind of God in all that I do, so all that I do is filled with success. I am grateful that this is so. And so it is.

Wedding Prayer
God is love. God is the Divine Companion. God is harmony and joy. God is the Truth of this newly married couple. Their union is Divinely blessed. They now move forward into a new life together which is filled with love, joy, success, peace, prosperity, and well being. Their love grows and becomes a greater blessing to each of them. This is the so. And so it is.

New Years Prayer

New Years Prayer
God is Infinite newness. God is always becoming greater, more magnificent expressions of Its life. God is in every aspect of this new year which is filled with infinite opportunities of good for me. I now accept that this year is a year which brings me more good and blessings that I could even imagine. I am grateful for this newness in my life. And I am grateful for my increased good. It is so. And so it is.

You can choose one or more of these short prayers and say them on a regular basis until your new good shows up in your life. You can then choose other healing prayers and recite them. When you work with these sample prayers, it is important to have an attitude of faith and expectancy that the good you are praying for will show up.

You can, and should, use these sample prayers as a model for creating your own prayers. They are simple to create, but they are also very powerful prayers.

When you use prayers on a regular basis, you can transform your life to one that you truly love.

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