Try Saying Prayers for Meetings

Why These Simple Prayers Can Help
Make You More Successful at Work

Most people would never consider saying prayers for meetings. While research shows that more than 90% of Americans believe in God, they often leave God outside the workplace. I think this is a huge mistake.

Silently saying simple prayers at work will allow you to be more productive and it can help make your work experience a lot more enjoyable. This is especially true in the area of meetings.

I know many people who hate going to meetings. They would rather do almost anything else instead of attending one. The reason they dislike attending meetings so much is because they feel that most them are a big waste of time and they don’t usually accomplish much good.

This can all be changed by saying prayers for meetings. In an instant, boring unproductive meetings can be converted to powerful, results oriented meetings. I know this is possible because I experience it all the time. Before I attend any meeting, I silently say a simple prayer and know that it will be a success. And it usually is!

prayers for meetings

How to Create Prayers for Meetings

Set an Intention – Many meetings progress in a haphazard, undirected manner. Very often there isn’t even an agenda of what is supposed to be discussed. However, you can, and should mentally set a positive intention for any meeting that you are involved in. You can declare that the meeting is Divinely directed so it will progress in an orderly, productive, and effective way.

Choose a Successful Outcome – One of the most important aspects when saying prayers for meetings is to claim a successful outcome for the meeting. You might not be totally clear as to what a successful outcome is, but you don’t need to know all of the details. When you claim success, Infinite Intelligence will take over and do whatever is required to make the meeting successful.

Be Open to Divine Guidance – Part of your prayer should include the idea that you are willing to be open to Divine Guidance. You want to be guided to do and say whatever is necessary to have the meeting be a success.

Many times we think we know what is needed to make something successful. But often we don’t have the complete picture with all of the details. Listening to that still small voice within can provide you with ideas that you might never have considered, but are the perfect ideas that need to be addressed at the meeting.

Pray for Harmony – The idea of harmony should be a regular aspect of your prayers for meetings. You want everyone in the meeting to be able to express themselves and listen to others in an attitude of cooperation and respect.

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You might say to yourself, “How can I control what other people do? I can’t make them treat each other well.” You may not be able to do it physically, but you can have a positive impact with your thoughts. Your thought of harmony has dominion over you and everyone who is around you at the moment. These individuals might not act harmoniously at other times, but they will act that way during your meeting.

Claim the Highest Good of All – Another aspect of your prayers for meetings should include some statement that claims the highest good of all. You don’t want the meeting to just be a benefit to you. In order for it to be truly successful, it needs to be for the highest good of all who are attending it. Again, you don’t have to try to figure out what this means. Just claim it and Infinite Intelligence will go about making it happen.

One of my typical prayers for meetings is . . .

There is only one life. This life is God. This life is good. This life is my life now. I now accept that the goodness of God is involved in every aspect of this meeting. God’s perfect wisdom, harmony, and right action is now operating throughout this meeting. Whatever needs to be known is known. Whatever needs to be said is said. Whatever needs to be accomplished is accomplished. This meeting is a total and complete success. Every person who participates in this meeting is blessed as a result of his or her participation. This meeting accomplishes greater, more wonderful results than I could ever have imagined. I am grateful that this is so. And it is so. And so it is.

Simple Prayers are Powerful Prayers

You can see that prayers for meetings can be simple. They don’t need to be elaborate or to include ‘holy’ or ‘highly spiritual’ words. Most of the time simple prayers can be very powerful. Basically, you are inviting Spirit to have a place at the meeting table. And when you do that, only good things can happen.

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