Prayers for Healing

How Maintaining Spiritual Thoughts
Can Help You Keep Your Good

“You mean I’m supposed to continue to say prayers for healing in order to maintain my good? No one ever told me that before.” That was the comment I heard from one of my students when I told her that even when her prayer for healing was answered, she needed to continue to pray about it if she wanted to keep her good.

My student is not alone. Many people know that the power of prayer can change conditions for the better. So they say their prayers for healing until the condition improves. Then they go back to the way they were thinking and they believe that everything will be fine from that point on.

Does this sound like you? If it does, you're not alone.

Conditions May Change, But Your Subconscious Might Not

If you have had a condition improve as the result of your prayers for healing and then the condition eventually becomes a problem again, you probably don’t really understand the power of your thoughts.

prayers for healing

When you were working with your prayer for healing, you were focused on thinking positive thoughts about your condition. As you continued to focus on spiritual thoughts and ideas, your condition eventually changed for the better. But there is a very good chance that when you were saying your prayers for healing, you did not also include that you wanted to change the negative beliefs in your subconscious mind. These are the limiting beliefs which created the negative condition in the first place.

The Universal Law of Attraction will always create experiences in your life which match the deeply held beliefs that you hold in your subconscious mind. This goes for positive beliefs, as well as for negative beliefs. If you don’t use spiritual healing techniques to get rid of the negative beliefs permanently, then the law will eventually bring you conditions which match your negative beliefs.

How Prayers for Healing Can Manifest Your Good

I think this concept is easier to understand if I use an example. Let’s say that you are working in a job which you really hate. Your boss has a terrible temper, your co-workers are uncooperative, and the work that you do is never appreciated. You want to get out of there –- and fast.

healing prayers

So you decide to say prayers for healing for a wonderful new job -- a job where you work with a supportive boss, where you are part of a cooperative team, and where you are valued and appreciated for your contributions to your organization. You diligently say your prayer every day. You pay attention to your negative self-talk and begin to challenge it. You focus on thinking positive thoughts.

Eventually, all of your hard work pays off. Your prayers have created a fabulous new job for you. Life is wonderful! It is so good, in fact, that you stop saying a prayer for healing about working in a wonderful job.

Then over time, things begin to change. You get a new boss who is demeaning and condescending to you. People in your department begin to leave and the ones who replace them are not very nice. Instead of having your contributions valued, your work is constantly criticized.

What happened?

Maintenance Healing Prayers

Most people have a deeply held belief that they can’t be happy at their job. They believe that bosses are usually mean, that people in departments are only out for themselves, and that they are never valued for what they do in an organization. There is a very good chance, that on some level, you hold many of these beliefs about working. You might not be thinking these ideas consciously, but they may be lurking around in your subconscious.

Just like your car needs to be maintained on a regular basis so it doesn’t require major repairs, your consciousness needs to be maintained so your good doesn’t slip away from you.

thinking positive

Once you get the job of your dreams, you need to continue to say prayers about working in a terrific job. This helps you control the negative ideas that may be in your subconscious mind. As you focus on thinking positive thoughts about your job, the Secret Law of Attraction will continue to hold your wonderful job to you. You don’t need to say a prayer about your job every day, but you should do it several times each week.

There is Always More Good to Experience

You should never stop saying prayers for healing. They allow you to continue to experience the good that you have now, and they can also help you to attract even more good in your life.

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