How A Prayer for Healing
Can Make your Life Better

Can a prayer for healing cause a positive change in the conditions of your life? Absolutely!

Science Proves It!

The healing power of prayer has been documented by researchers. In his book, Prayer is Good Medicine, Dr. Larry Dossey, one of the leading experts in the role of spirituality in health, states that “Prayerlike thoughts, offered from a distance, have been demonstrated to increase the healing rate of surgical wounds, and religious faith is associated with faster recovery from surgery.”

A major study conducted by David R. Hodge, an assistant professor of social work at Arizona State University, concluded that intercessory prayer or prayer for healing on the part of another person had a positive effect.

So science is proving what I already know. Prayers for healing work. I am a minister and I have been licensed to do healing prayers. What does this mean? As part of my studies I was taught that any negative condition that appears in someone’s life – illness, financial lack, conflict in relationships, loss of a job, legal troubles, just to name a few – can be resolved by using affirmative prayer.

But I didn’t just learn it and that was it. I had to prove it in order to get my license. I documented negative situations that my clients were facing. Then I had to show the positive outcomes that came about as the result of my prayer for healing for them. This was putting my training into action. If you know it, then show it!

The Prayer for Healing Mindset

So what is the mindset that I use when I am doing prayers for healing for myself or someone else?

  • I recognize that Spirit exists in every place, in every person, and in every experience. I know that there is no place in the Universe where God does not exist.

  • I also am completely clear that Spirit is only good. My God prayer for healing recognizes that God only wants the best for each and every one of us.

  • I understand that perfection and wholeness are the Truth of all things. Underneath every negative condition is a positive reality. The only thing that blocks this good from being our experience is some limiting belief that we have on some level.

  • I call forth the perfection and wholeness and I know that it will dissolve the negative condition.

  • I have complete faith that the good will demonstrate.

Putting a Prayer for Healing Into Practice

God prayer healing

Let’s say that a woman named Mary is experiencing some illness that she would like to have cured. How would I actually go about creating a miracle prayer for Mary? I would say something like this -

God is all there is. God is infinite goodness, perfect wholeness, and perfect activity. There is no power or presence other than God. God is the Truth of Mary. Therefore, in the mind of Spirit, Mary is already perfect, whole, and healthy. Any belief that Mary might have in disease or illness is not the Truth of God and, therefore, it is uprooted, dissolved, and evaporated now and forever more. Mary is now demonstrating the health and well being that is her true Divine Nature. Her body is healthy on every level. Mary is grateful to experience health in her body. Thank you, God for Mary’s health. And so it is.

I would say this type of affirmative prayer for Mary once each day until her condition was healed. Mary might still need to have surgery, or take some type of medicine, or get some treatment from medical professionals. That is between Mary and her doctors. In the meantime, I would have complete faith that Mary’s health was being restored. A critical part of doing effective prayers for healing is to believe that they will work.

Try It For Yourself

Try the healing power of prayer for yourself. Start with something small. When you experience success with that, then you can move onto something bigger. Each success will help you build your faith.

Saying a prayer for healing for any challenge you might be facing is a wonderful way for you to begin to take control of your life. Once you start, you will never stop.

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