The Power of Your Imagination

Learn How to Use It to Create the Life You Want

The power of imagination is unlimited. When you know how to rein in its potential, it can literally transform your entire life.

Whatever you imagine –- good or bad –- is really your invitation to life as to what you are choosing to experience.

It Can Help You Overcome Negative Habits

You can use the power of imagination to help you change negative habits. If you are like most people, you try to change a negative habit by using your willpower –- usually without much success.

For example, let’s say you decide that you want to lose weight. You set up a schedule to work out three times per week. You are really committed to sticking to this schedule. You are going to do it! However, you are not used to exercising on a regular basis, so after a few weeks, your resolve begins to slip. You find yourself making excuses as to why you can’t fit exercise into your schedule. Finally, you give up.

power of imagination

The reason this happens is because deep in your subconscious mind, you see yourself as someone who doesn’t exercise. However, you have tried to use your willpower to act in a different way than how you see yourself. As human beings, we always act the way we see ourselves.

“When the will and the imagination are antagonistic, it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception.“

Émile Coué

The way to make it easier for you to exercise is to use the power of imagination to see yourself as someone who exercises on a regular basis. Then you will do it naturally without having to struggle.

It Can Help You Create New Possibilities

Everything that has ever been created has had its origins in someone’s mind. Someone came up with an idea, “Wouldn’t it be great if . . .?” Then that individual used the power of imagination to create a picture of what that great thing would be like.

For instance, a thought crosses your mind, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could go on vacation to Aruba?” You start to imagine what it would be like to walk along the beach, to dip your toe into the warm water, and to feel the breeze blowing across your face. You continue to see this picture in your mind. Then you find yourself doing research on Aruba –- when is the best time to visit, what are some of the best resorts, how much a trip would cost. The next thing you know, you are figuring out how you can fit this trip into your budget and when the best time would be for you to go.

Secret Law of Attraction

You began with a thought, a picture emerged in your mind and then you began to take action to make it a reality. And the best part is that you did it without any stress or tension.

Learning How to Channel Its Power

You can use the power of imagination very deliberately to assist you in your daily life. It can help you deal with challenges and also to achieve your goals.

Solving Problems – Many successful people set an intention to have their imagination help them solve problems. They know that it will give them the answers they need, but can’t seem to find.

overcoming adversity

Elias Howe had an idea of creating a machine which would be able to mechanize the process of sewing. However, he was stuck on a problem – how was he going to get the thread into the machine? He set an intention to have the power of imagination help him solve this problem. He had a dream which held his answer. He dreamt that he was being attacked by cannibals and the spears had holes in them. This gave him the idea to create a needle with a hole in the tip where you could put the thread through. Problem solved! Elias Howe patented his idea for the sewing machine and the rest is history.

Applied Visualization Techniques – You can use the power of imagination with applied visualization techniques. You think about a specific situation that you would like to experience –- a new job, a wonderful new relationship, greater abundance. Then you create a detailed scenario of what the end result would be like. You play this scenario over and over in your mind, as if it was already a reality. You experience the feelings of what it would be like to live this scenario.

Fueled by the Law of Cause and Effect

The power of imagination is fueled by the Law of Cause and Effect and the Universal Law of Attraction. When you begin to visualize over and over, this picture seeps down into the power of your subconscious mind. It then begins to draw to you the things you have been visualizing. Remember what Albert Einstein said . . .

“Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions.”

This is what he was referring to. Your imagination sets these laws into action.

It is important for you to understand that the Law of Cause and Effect is not limited by what happened in your past or what is happening now. It has absolutely no limitations. So when you are thinking about what you would like to experience, don’t limit yourself by only imagining what you think you can achieve based on where you currently are. Use the power of imagination to create a vision of what you really want.

The Universal Law of Attraction can just as easily bring you something big as something small. The only difference is the picture that you give it to use as a blueprint. Listen to what your heart really wants, not to what your mind thinks it can get.

The Power is in Your Mind

Whether it is getting rid of negative behaviors permanently, or solving problems, or creating the blueprint of what you would like to experience -- it is all within your grasp.

When you learn how to control your mind, you can use the power of imagination to attract into your life what you really want.

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