Positive Self Talk

It's One of the Major Signs
of Spiritual Awakening

Many people don’t realize that positive self talk is one of the major signs of spiritual awakening. Why is this true? Because Spirit is love and when we engage in negative self talk, we are not treating ourselves in a loving way.

I would suspect that you do not practice positive self talk on a regular basis. And if you do, I have a strong feeling that your negative self talk outweighs the positive things you say to yourself. It is so easy to fall into the pattern of being self critical, especially in those situations when you are dealing with adversity.

Treating yourself badly is not going to help you move forward in your life. As a matter of fact, it will very likely keep you stuck right where you are.

How Positive Self Talk Affects Your Life

It may not seem like positive self talk really affects your life very much, especially in the area of spirituality. However, that is not the truth. It impacts almost every of your life.

  • Your Inner Spirit – A definition of spiritual health is to realize that you are one with God. This means that you are a part of God. When you treat yourself well, you are in reality, honoring the aspect of Spirit that you are bringing to the world.

  • Self Confidence

    improving self confidence

    Positive self talk is a great method for improving self confidence. If you are not confident in your ability to accomplish your dreams, if you don’t believe you will be up to the challenges that are almost certainly going to come your way, then you will live a ‘small’ life. You will not allow yourself to fully realize the unique gifts that you are meant to bring to the world. Saying a daily affirmation such as, “I am able to accomplish all of my desires,” will help you take action toward your dreams.

  • Increased Good – If you don’t feel that you are worthy to receive life’s blessings, then you will be blocking your ability to experience greater good. The good that is available to you is unlimited, but you must feel that you deserve it in order to receive it. Saying healing affirmations can help you change your concept of yourself so you are able to receive more of life’s blessings.

  • Relationships – When you feel good about yourself, other people like to be around you. I’m not talking about being egotistical. I’m talking about feeling like you matter to life, that you are valuable to the world. When you feel good about yourself, you are more likely to appreciate and value others. And they will know it and feel it by your actions and the positive energy that shines through you.

  • A Sense of Peace – When you feel comfortable with yourself, you will experience a deep sense of inner peace. You will not try to be someone else; you will enjoy being who you are fully and completely.

Healing Affirmations

So you can see why you should say positive things to yourself every day. You can work on this by saying affirmations on a regular basis. Some affirmations include:

positive self talk

“I am worthy to receive life’s blessings.”

“I am valuable to the people in my life.”

“I am a good, kind, intelligent person.”

“I am a blessing to others.”

“I can easily accomplish my goals.”

“I enjoy being my authentic self.”

“I am healthy in mind, body, and spirit.”

“I am able to successfully handle everything that comes into my life.”

“I honor my inner spirit and listen to its messages.”

You can choose one daily affirmation and work with it until you feel that you have embodied it or you can choose to work with several at a time. Pay attention to what works for you and then choose the best approach.

Positive self talk is not just a gift that you give to yourself. It is also a gift that you bring to your world. Learn to treat yourself well.

You can learn other methods for developing a positive self concept. Check out this program about how you can develop unstoppable self confidence.

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