How to Use Spirituality
to Overcome Challenges

I hate having to overcome challenges. I don’t like feeling like I’m a victim to circumstances. I would love it if my life was organized so that I could easily move from one blessing to even greater blessings. Unfortunately, that is not my reality and I don’t think that’s your reality either.

Everyone deals with challenges. And some of them are pretty scary. Sometimes when you are facing a big challenge, it seems like it has control over you and your future. It is very easy to fall into a state of fear, worry, anxiety, or even panic.

Recently, I faced a situation with my son which felt very scary. It seemed like other people had the authority to create major problems for him. When I let my mind run wild, I became a spiritual and emotional mess.

Thankfully, when my anxious mind tries to take control, I rely on spiritual strategies to get me back on track.  And the wonderful thing is, when I use them, things always work out well regardless of the circumstances. I am grateful to report that the situation with my son has been successfully resolved.

I ALWAYS rely on these spiritual tools whenever I am facing major challenges. These strategies work for me and they can work for you also.


Using Spirituality to Overcome Challenges

  • Don’t be intimidated by your circumstances – The most important thing to realize is that the challenges you are facing may be facts, but they have no power over you. They are a result of your consciousness.

    When you change your consciousness to be in alignment with the reality that Spirit’s love and goodness can heal any condition, you are tapping into an infinite power which can overcome any challenges you are facing.

  • Partner with Spirit – Don’t try to overcome big challenges by yourself. If you do, you will be limiting your possible results. Invite Spirit to be your partner in dealing with your circumstances.

    Spirit loves you and is always willing to help you. Spirit knows wonderful ways to transform your situation that you could not possibly imagine. Let Spirit do the work on your behalf.

  • Recognize that Spirit is in this experience – The only way you can feel fear is if you believe that Spirit is absent from your situation. If you believed in your heart that all of Spirit’s love, goodness, and power is in the challenge you are facing, would you be afraid? Of course, you wouldn’t!

    You must stand firm in the faith that because Spirit is operating in every aspect of your situation, and Spirit is only good, the only possibility is that good must manifest.


  • Remember past successes – Have you ever overcome challenges of any kind (financial struggles, poor health, difficult relationships, etc.) when you turned to Spirit for help? If the answer is yes, then this is a major resource for you. Continually focus on your past successes when Spirit was involved.

    Spirit doesn’t change. Spirit does not act one way today and another way tomorrow. Spirit always operates the same way. If Spirit supported you in the past, then you need to have faith that Spirit will support you now. 

  • Strengthen your faith with spiritual truth – It is very difficult to have faith when you are facing a seemingly unsolvable situation. You need to support yourself with spiritual truth.  Read and reread your favorite spiritual passages so you can move your thinking away from fear and back on faith.

    An idea that has helped me is -  

“Spirit is in this experience. Spirit is
in charge. Spirit is turning it to good.”

  • You only need a mustard seed – Even if all the faith you can grab onto is as tiny as a mustard seed, it can be sufficient to turn things around. You don’t need to have perfect faith.

    There have been times in my life when my emotions were filled with fear, but I tried to gather up some faith that things would work out. It was enough. Spirit’s grace stepped in and the situations were resolved perfectly.


  • Surrender – When you’ve done all you can do, it’s time to surrender. You never have to be afraid of letting Spirit be in charge, because It only wants the best for you. When you let go and let Spirit take control, It has the freedom to do what is necessary to allow your good to show up.

It Takes Work, But It’s Worth It

If it seems like this is easy to do, it isn’t. Facing big challenges is scary and it takes a lot of strength and courage to deal with them. But you have what it takes to keep the faith while you are waiting for your good to manifest.


Keep reminding yourself that you are not alone. Spirit, which loves you, is right there with you. It will help you overcome challenges and turn everything to good.  Stand firmly in this truth and watch the blessings that can show up in your life.


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