Morning Meditation- A Must

by Nancy

I began meditating as many others have before me.
I laid flat on my back in bed. I listened to a CD (called guided meditation) - Sharon Salzberg and others. I liked her's best because she was lenient about just how one should 'do it'.

I attended various styles of meditation events and classes.

I heard over and over again, pay attention to your breathing - feel the air on your nostrils, think about it in detail, etc. etc. One day I realized I did not know what they were talking about- because I am a mouth breather.

Feeling relieved, I continued to do my meditation as it suited me. I was sitting erect by now (symbolizing respect) and my eyes were closed. I was 'holding my cushion' as I heard it described later.

A couple of years of practice and I was comfortable and maybe addicted.

Eknath Easwaren, my mentor's teacher, used to advise using a poem, or a meaningful passage to recite upon the cushion. Reciting it slowly and more slowly as time passed. This was training the mind to focus only on the passage.

The alarm was set each morning for 6am, I donned my cloak, lit the incense,put on my mala (beads) and held my cushion every day. I should explain that my preparation to meditate was part of the process of quieting the mind, gradually not noticing the distractions, and becoming at ease with myself. If I had an early appointment, I set the alarm for 4 or 5am, whatever was needed to be still for an hour.

Six years later, I realized that I have joined Buddhist groups and other meditative groups to discover the training has manifested. My day's activities always fall into place, as I set my intention for each day, and offer much gratitude for the new day - wondering what will be in store for me. I am confident that all will be as it should be - if I do not interfere by exerting my will.

Experiencing this easy flow daily continues to reinforce my desire to take the time to be on my cushion in my newly furnished prayer room, surrounded by sacred objects of many kinds.

There is a pervasive Presence of Peace that strengthens me and I am calmed and ready to begin a new day.

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