A Miracle Prayer

Yes, You CAN Count On It!

I need a miracle prayer! Many people say that when they are faced with an overwhelming obstacle. While I can understand the sentiment behind it, it drives me absolutely wild when I hear it.

Why Does Asking For A Miracle Prayer Drive Me Crazy?

Because hidden in that phrase is the belief that maybe the prayer for healing will be answered and maybe it won’t. Most people who say prayers for healing aren’t really sure that they can count on receiving a positive result. They may hope that they will get a positive outcome, but they don’t really believe that they actually CAN count on it.

Regardless of where you currently are on your journey of spiritual enlightenment, there is a very good chance that you came from a religious tradition where you were taught to pray to God, but you weren’t really sure of the result.

miracle prayer

As a matter of fact, I would venture to guess that when you said your inspirational prayers, you were on some level reconciled with the fact that you probably were going to be disappointed. But just in case there was a chance that you would receive your miracle prayer request, you figured that you might as well try. Who knows? This might be your lucky day.

I think if you understood how Spirit works, then you might be able to more successfully expect that your healing prayers will be answered.

How Can You Count on A Miracle Prayer?

The first thing that you really need to ‘get’ is that God is a God of love. Spirit is the totality of love. And Spirit does not withhold anything from any of Its creations and that includes you.

God is not sitting up on a cloud somewhere with a ledger deciding whether or not you are worthy to receive a positive answer to your miracle prayer. And Spirit is not mulling over the question about whether or not you have asked for too many things recently and, therefore, you have used up your quota for healing prayers. No, that is definitely not how God works regardless of what you may have been taught.

God is total goodness and infinite givingness. And Spirit actually wants you to receive a positive answer to your request. As a matter of fact, Spirit wants you to receive ALL of the good that you want, no matter how many times you ask.

But there is a catch and it is the Law of Cause and Effect.

God is love, but God operates through the Law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Cause and Effect works on your deeply held thoughts and beliefs. You may be saying your miracle prayer on a regular basis - many even several times a day. However, if you really don’t believe that your prayer is going to be answered, then the Law of Cause and Effect is going to make sure that are right. Your prayer for healing won’t be answered. The Law cannot override your deeply held beliefs. You won’t get what you hope for but you will get what you expect.

How to Expect an Answer to Your Miracle Prayer

healing prayers

So here is a simple way to expect that your prayer will have a positive outcome.

  1. Recognize that God is love and wants you to have the good that you are asking for.
  2. Understand that the Law of Cause and Effect is infinitely powerful. It can easily answer your prayer for money or your healing prayers or any other needs or desires you might have. It can’t say no to your request. It always says yes.
  3. Any time doubt creeps in review Steps 1 and 2 until your can once again know that your good is on its way to you.

Now you will notice that I said that this is a simple process. I didn’t say that it was an easy process. You will very likely shift back and forth between believing that your prayer will be answered and fearing that it won’t.

Just keep going through Steps 1 and 2 as many times as you need to. Because there is another thing that you need to understand. When you are trying to have faith and keep your thoughts positive, then God’s grace moves in to bring you what you want.

Remember – Spirit is all love and Spirit is all good.

Of Course, I Expected It!

So the next time you say a ‘miracle prayer’ and it gets answered, don’t say “I can’t believe it.” Instead say, “Of course, I expected it.”

And then say, " Thank you God for this good."

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