The Mind Body Spirit Connection

How a Negative Attitude Can Affect
Your Health and Well Being

The mind body spirit connection affects every aspect of your well being. The connection is so strong and intertwined that whenever you alter one aspect of it, it impacts the others.

Many people are unaware of the mind body spirit connection. Even if they are aware of it, they often don’t know how to adjust one part which might be negatively impacting the other parts.

Deepak Chopra is one of the leading experts on the mind body spirit connection. I enjoyed his program on this topic and I think you might too.

I learned to pay attention to my thoughts, as well what is happening around me.

Release your negative thoughts and the negative impact they have on your body!

This program taught me that I am so much more than just a physical body. Find more about Deepak Chopra's revolutionary program Magical Mind Magical Body and how he unites the healing insights of India's Ayurvedic traditions with modern medical science and quantum physics to teach you how to create perfect health.

The Spiritual Aspect of the Mind Body Spirit Connection

The Truth of you is that you are not just a human being. You are an aspect of Spirit which is using the vehicle of your body in order to experience life on this planet.

Since you are an aspect of Spirit, the spiritual blueprint of your body is wholeness, balance, harmonious interaction, intelligence, and health. Regardless of what you are experiencing in your body right now, you were created to be healthy.

mind body spirit connection

The Emotional Aspect of the Mind Body Spirit Connection

Although you are really Spirit, since you are operating in a human body, you are subject to experiencing a wide range of emotions. Most people do not really think about their emotions -- they just feel them. They don’t believe they have much control over their emotions, especially negative ones -- “I can’t help feeling this way. I’ll just have to wait until I feel better.”

However, negative emotions always reside somewhere in your body. This is especially true if you consistently feel an emotion over and over again. Eventually it will have some impact on your well being.

The Physical Aspect of the Mind Body Spirit Connection

Law of Cause and Effect

Even though spiritually, you are perfect, whole and healthy, your emotions and mental attitudes might cause you to experience something different. If you mind is filled with negative, resentful, angry thoughts, then you are obstructing the perfect flow of health in your body. Even if you are not consciously aware of these negative ideas, they are still going to have an impact on you.

To complicate matters even more, if you feel physical discomfort or you are experiencing some type of disease, then your emotions can become even more negative. This can create a negative mind body connection loop, which can be quite difficult to break.

How the Law of Cause and Effect Impacts
the Mind Body Spirit Connection

As a spiritual being, you have the right to experience anything you want. Whenever you feel an emotion strongly, especially if you feel it on a regular basis, you are activating the Law of Cause and Effect. It thinks that you are asking for whatever corresponds to your strong feelings. Its role is to make sure that you get what you are asking for.

Let me explain what I mean.

A number of years ago, I was consistently annoyed about some things that were occurring in my life. I continually said with a great deal of negative emotion, “I can’t stand this!” I said it more times than I can count. Shortly afterward, I found out that I had broken two bones in my foot.

The mind body spirit connection in action!

During that same period, I frequently said (also with a lot of negative emotion), “This is a big pain in my butt!” I ended up with an excruciating case of sciatica which began in my right buttock and worked its way right down to my toes. I could not sit down without pillows for months.

The mind body spirit connection in action once again!

I no longer say, “I can’t stand this!” or “This is a big pain in my butt!” I’m sure you understand why.

Use Your Inner Wisdom

You can use the wisdom of your inner Spirit to get your mind body connection into alignment. Here are some tools to help you do this . . .

minfulness exercises

Practice Mindfulness Exercises – Don’t just go through your day mindlessly. Learn to become aware of what is going on in your thoughts. Be fully engaged in what you are doing –- both with your mind and with your body.

It is only when you are aware of what you are thinking that you have a choice of changing negative thought patterns. If you are consistently thinking negative thoughts, you can begin to talk control of them by turning them to more positive ones.

Listen to Your Body – If you are experiencing pain or disease, you can ask your body what it is trying to tell you. Maybe you are feeling pains in your stomach because you never stand up for yourself. Or perhaps you have constant jaw pain because you feel that you can’t say what you really want to say.

Ask your body to let you know what its message is for you. This will give you information about how you really feel. You can then make more effective choices for your life. As a result, the disease or pain might just disappear.

The Connection is Real

As a spiritual being who is living a human experience, you are constantly dealing with the interplay between your thoughts, emotions, and body. Learn to pay attention to what is going on. Pay attention to your thoughts because it will eventually impact your body. Ask your body what it is telling you so you can begin to change your negative thoughts.

When you have learned to keep the mind body spirit connection in alignment, you can live a life of physical, emotional and spiritual well being. And this, of course, will lead to an abundance of joy.

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