Manifesting Abundance

Yes, You CAN Attract Abundance
and Live the Life of Your Dreams

Is manifesting abundance impossible for you? Absolutely not! No matter what your current financial condition is, you can learn how to attract wealth into your life on a regular basis. Before you can attract abundance in greater amounts, you need to understand how the Law of Abundance works.

There is Infinite Abundance available for you and every other person on the planet. However, you can’t have more of it just because you want it. The only way you are going to be able to attract more abundance into your life is to learn how to control your thinking.

The Law of Abundance works on your thoughts. If you are thinking thoughts of poverty or lack, then you are not going to be able to attract wealth in greater amounts – at least not any time soon. The law cannot provide you with more if you are thinking less -- it is as simple as that.

manifesting abundance

If manifesting abundance is really a priority for you, then you need to start to think abundance and prosperity thoughts. Now I know that you may not have done this before, but if you want to attract abundance into your life now and in the future, it is something you must get good at doing.

Tips for Manifesting Abundance

    Recognize Spirit as your source – One of the main premises of being able to have more abundance is to recognize that Spirit is the source of your good. The majority of people believe that their job, or their family, or their clients, or the government is the source of their good. This is not the Truth. These are channels through which your abundance comes, but they are not the source. Spirit is your source and it is important for you to really know this.

    Focus on abundance – You need to focus on the abundance that you see all around you. There is an abundance of air, an abundance of trees, an abundance of stars. Whatever you think about grows, so if you are only focusing on the lack in your life, then you are going to attract more lack. Shift your focus to abundance so it can grow in your life.

    Give thanks now – You are already experiencing a level of abundance even if it is not at the level that you really want. Begin to be grateful for your current level of prosperity. Gratitude is a very powerful multiplier of good. It is like fertilizer is to a plant. It helps your wealth grow.

    Take an abundance course– This is a great way for you to get the concept of manifesting abundance off and running. You need to clearly understand how the Law of Abundance works so you can begin to apply its principles in your life. While this article is great for an overview, it cannot provide you with the depth of understanding that a good abundance course can give you.

prayers for prosperity
    Read abundance quotes – Reading abundance quotes will help you realize that abundance is a natural part of life, that it is unlimited, and that it is available for you.

    Recite Prosperity and Abundance Affirmations – Reciting prosperity and abundance affirmations with feeling and conviction will help you begin to believe that you can attract abundance and wealth into your life. Some samples are - “I am open to receiving ever increasing amounts of Infinite Abundance in my life.” “It is Spirit’s good pleasure to give me the kingdom and it is my joy to receive it.”

    Say prosperity prayers – Create and say prosperity prayers to allow yourself to more abundance and prosperity in your life. Recognize that the power of God, the power of Good, is manifesting abundance for you.

Attracting wealth and prosperity in your life is definitely possible for you. Follow these tips and experience all of the freedom, joy, and peace of mind that manifesting abundance can bring.

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