Jesus Spirituality
How You Can Bring It Into Your Life Now!

Jesus spirituality is not something that was only relevant thousands of years ago. He taught timeless principles of faith, hope, and love that are just as applicable to your everyday life today as they were when he taught them.

Regardless of your personal religious tradition, the ideas that Jesus taught are so positive you can easily incorporate them into your own spiritual development.

Jesus Spirituality Principles

Love – He taught everyone that God is a God of love. Jesus told us that everyone is a child of God and that the Spirit of God is in everyone. He said that we should love all people even those people who may be against us. Christ was love in action.

Jesus spirituality

If you strongly dislike someone, you are in actuality, strongly disliking some aspect of God. And while you are disliking someone you are not experiencing love. Loving others makes you feel the presence of God’s love within yourself. You can love someone because he or she is a child of God and still make the decision not to have anything to do with that person if it doesn’t feel right for you to do so.

Forgiveness – Jesus taught us to forgive others. When he was asked if we should forgive our brother 70 times he said, “No. You are to forgive 70 times 7.” In other words we are to continue practicing forgiveness for as long as it takes to really feel it inside of us.

Having thoughts of hatred or revenge can do more damage to your own life than to the life of the person who is the object of your hatred. When you are able to forgive others, you free yourself from the hurt you have already experienced from them. If Jesus could forgive the people who tortured and killed him, then you might work on forgiving the people in your life also.

Faith – Jesus spirituality includes having a strong faith in God. He knew that his prayers would be answered by God because God was good. He also knew how important it was for the people who he healed to have faith. If they did not have faith that he could heal them, then Jesus’ healing would not have worked. He often said, “It was your faith that made you whole.”

When you have faith that God is love and God is good, then you can know that your prayers are being answered at the right time and in the right way.

Gratitude – This was a very important part of why Jesus was so successful in healing. After he prayed, he often said, “Thank you Father.” Jesus gave thanks for the healing that he knew would occur.

Saying “Thank you God,” before you receive your good is a very powerful practice. It demonstrates that you have faith that God will hear your prayer and fulfill it. Saying “Thank you God,” for all of the blessings that you currently enjoy is also a positive thing to do. It helps you realize the blessings that are in your life right now.

So you see, the principles that Jesus spirituality teaches are appropriate for today’s world. In fact, it can probably make living it today’s world a whole lot better for you.

Why don’t you try it for yourself and see?

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