Jesus Healing

What He Did and How You Can Do It Too!

Jesus healing. Is it something mysterious or is it something you can learn and apply to your own life? I’m glad you asked because you are going to love the answer.

Jesus' gift of healing is based on understanding metaphysical laws and the science of spirituality. He knew the secret law of attraction, except to Jesus it wasn’t a secret at all. He had a strong understanding of it, and he had an incredible ability to use it.

What is the Secret of Jesus Healing?

He Knew God as Universal Mind – Jesus healing has a strong foundation in knowing that he, everyone and everything, are one with God or universal mind. Spirit is all that exists. He knew that ‘there is not a spot where God is not.’

He Saw Beyond Appearances – Because Jesus knew that Spirit exists in everything, he could see beyond the negative condition or appearance. He knew that in spite of the challenge that might be presenting itself, God or Spirit was totally present in the situation. And Spirit is absolutely perfect, whole, prosperous, harmonious, and complete. Jesus healing tapped into that perfection and called it forth.

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He Used Metaphysical Laws – Jesus was well aware of the Law of Cause and Effect. He knew that if you believe something and have complete faith that it will happen, then it will happen. He often said that, “it is done unto you as you believe.” He knew that what you believe deeply, you actually call forth into your experience.

He Knew That the Law Did the Healing – Jesus did not take personal credit for the healings that occurred during his ministry. He was aware of the science of spirituality. He knew that God as the Law of Cause and Effect did the work. He said, “The Father within doeth the work.” He also knew that the Law of Cause and Effect, which is all power, could accomplish any demand that was made upon it.

He Expressed Gratitude – In all of his healing work, Jesus expressed gratitude for the good that he knew would follow. After he spoke his word of ultimate healing, he said ‘Thank you God” because he knew that his prayer would be answered. And his prayers were answered.

He Knew That He Wasn’t Unique – Jesus was the master teacher. He had so integrated Universal Mind into his own mind that he was able to tap into it on a regular basis. As a result he was able to produce what many would think are major miracles. But Jesus knew that his gift of healing was not limited only to himself. He said, “These things I do, you can do and more.”

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Applying Jesus Healing in Your Own Life

To summarize - these are the steps that Jesus used that you can also use in your own life.

  • Recognize that Spirit is in everyone and everything.
  • Know that no matter what the negative condition may look like, the perfection of Spirit is fully present in the condition.
  • Study metaphysical laws such as the Law of Cause and Effect so you can understand how to use them.
  • Don’t take personal responsibility for the healing. Know that the Law of Cause and Effect is doing the work, not you.
  • Give thanks before your good shows up.

There you have it. This is Jesus healing in a nutshell. It is simple to understand, but it is not so easy to apply. It takes consistent application and the step-by-step building of your own faith that you can use it. Other things that can support you in this process are regular meditation, studying the science of spirituality, and praying on a regular basis. It is truly a lifelong journey. But the benefits are well worth the price that you pay.

You will be able to provide the gift of healing to your own life and to the lives of those that you love and care about. Now, isn’t that worth it?

I think so. How about you?

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