Is it normal to have mind boggling questions about God?

by Jennifer
(Yucaipa, CA. US)

Lately, I've been having mind boggling questions about God in my mind that have really been bothering me, because I feel it's stopping my growth with Him. My mind is wondering how He can read someone's thoughts and How can God see me inside a building?

I am familiar with His omnipresence, but then my mind is bothered, by how He can see and listen. .I know it states that God is beyond our comprehension, but is there any advice you can give to me that will help me with this matter?


Response from Rev. Della

Hi Jennifer –

I think it is wonderful that you are actively seeking to have a closer relationship with God. I can understand how you can feel that trying to really know God boggles your mind. I’m a minister, and I often feel that I can’t really comprehend the totality of all that God is.

But I do know some very important things about God and they have helped me develop a close and strong relationship with Him.

What I have learned is that God is unconditional love, God is only good, and God is present everywhere. These are ideas that you want to think about, meditate about, and come to a place where you deeply understand them.

Why is this so important? Because these ideas can help you develop a strong and positive relationship with God.

Just think about them.

God is unconditional love. God loves you totally and completely. Nothing you do or don’t do can ever change this fact. Can you feel how wonderful this is?

God is only good. You don’t have to worry that God is going to get angry with you and do bad things to you. God can’t, because God is only good and can only do good things. And, because God is all good, He wants you to experience greater good in every area of your life.

God is present everywhere. Since this is true, it means that God knows what you are thinking, He knows where you are at all times, and He knows what is happening to you at every moment. But this isn’t something to be afraid of. It is something to be joyous about, because God is always with you and is ready and willing to help you in every aspect of your life.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, you are never alone. God is right there with you. If you ever feel afraid or worried about something, God’s goodness and power are available to help you successfully get through whatever concerns you.

God cares about you. He only wants the very best for you.

Another important idea for you to understand and think about is that you can always talk directly to God. If you’re not surer about something, then have a chat with Him. You don’t have to use fancy words or prayers. You can just speak to Him from your heart. You can say, “I want to understand . . . about You, but I don’t know how to do it. Can you help me?” And God will give you the understanding in a way that works for you.

Jennifer, I encourage you to continue to work on growing your relationship with God. I know that it can be difficult at times, but don’t ever give up. Talk to God. Ask Him questions. Ask Him for understanding. Ask Him how you can know Him better.

As you are reaching out your heart and mind to God, God is reaching right back to you.

Blessings –

Rev. Della

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