Discover the Power of Inspirational Songs

They Can Help Increase Your Faith,
Courage, Achievement and Motivation

Do you listen to inspirational songs? I do. As a matter of fact, I listen to them all the time. Why do I do this? Because I want to fill my mind with ‘good stuff’ and listening to these types of songs helps me do just that.

Words have power. They influence what you believe about yourself and the world around you. The words in the songs that you listen to affect your mind and your life. If you listen to songs with negative lyrics, they are going to affect your thinking, and not in a positive way.

“Hey if it wasn't for bad luck y'all, Oh! I wouldn't have no luck at all”
(Excerpted from “If It Wasn’t for Bad Luck” by Ray Charles and Jimmy Lewis)

I don’t want to have to deal with the possible results of listening to negative or pessimistic songs. So I refuse to listen to them. I have enough limiting beliefs to get rid of. I don’t need to add to them by listening to destructive lyrics.

My favorite inspirational artists are:
Rickie Byars Beckwith
Karen Drucker
David Ault
The Agape Choir

Inspirational Songs Can Do You a World of Good

On the other hand, inspirational songs, which include positive words, can have a wonderful influence on you. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy from listening to them.

Help During Tough Times – I always listen to inspirational songs when I am going through challenging times. Most of these songs are spiritual in nature. They help remind me that Spirit is with me and is by my side, guiding, guarding and protecting me. The words help me have hope and faith that things will get better then they are right now.

positive words

It’s Not Just You – Sometimes when you are facing a challenge, you might think that you are the only one who has ever gone through such a difficult time. Feeling so alone can make the situation even harder to face. But when you hear words from other people who have gone through tough times, it helps you believe that you can get through your tough times too.

Help You Turn Away From Negativity – There is so much negativity in the world that it almost seems impossible to escape. But listening to inspirational songs can help get your mind back on track. It can help you turn away from all of the ‘gloom and doom’ and become more optimistic about life.

Can Empower You – Songs with positive words and messages can empower to move beyond your comfort zone and to reach for greater heights. These uplifting thoughts (link uplifting quotes) can help you stretch and grow. They can motivate you to take chances and to create new goals.

How to Use Inspirational Songs

When You’re Feeling Down – Inspirational songs can have a very positive effect on your mood. If you feel down in the dumps, then play several of these types of songs so you can feel better. They can bring you a sense a peace and overall well-being.

inspirational sayings

As a Positive Affirmation – I often listen to positive songs in my car. I love to sing along with them and when I sing the words, I do it with a lot of feeling and intention. When I sing the words in this way, they act as a powerful affirmation for me.

During Meditation – I use certain songs during my meditations – especially those that focus on peace and wholeness. I close my eyes, relax, and let the words soak through my entire being.

How to Find Songs That Inspire You

At Spiritual Centers – I hear a lot of different types of music at various spiritual centers. Often I hear a song that touches my soul. I will buy the artist’s CD which has the song on it so I can listen to it frequently. (I always buy the CD instead of just the single song because I have discovered many other wonderful songs on it that I didn’t even know existed.)

Ask Friends – I often recommend specific songs to people, especially when I think it will help them handle what they are currently dealing with. You can ask your friends what songs they listen to that are inspiring and help them have a positive outlook on life.

inspirational thoughts

Media – You can listen to inspirational radio stations and discover great songs. They can also be part of the soundtrack of a motivating movie.

Make Them a Regular Part of Your Life

Inspirational songs are such an important part of my life that I don’t go anywhere without them. When I feel like I need to hear empowering and positive words, I pop one of my favorite CDs into my CD player, I sing along, and then I being to feel better.

I personally find that, positive, inspirational songs are a very important part of my spiritual practice. I encourage you to find the ones that touch you and to use them as part of your spiritual practice too.

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