I Don't Believe in God

I had a rough/BAD childhood and went through things a human being should never experience. As a child I was dragged from church to church, religion to religion, by my grandmother, a person I consider to be a bad woman/maybe even evil.

I’m curious to know what you think of someone that has never hurt anyone, helps others when possible (family, acquaintances, strangers on the street), is an awesome single parent but did not raise my children to believe in God either. I told them they will grow up one day and make their own choices. I don't worship the devil! I’m just not a believer of what I cannot see. I do believe in karma. If you do bad, bad things will come to you.

Thanks for reading. I’m just curious of what you think. Hope to hear from you soon.


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Sep 25, 2015
God in Action
by: Della

I’m sorry that you had such a rough childhood. I also had a terrible childhood and I know how difficult it can be to get past such trauma. It seems like your grandmother tried to use religion as a way to have power over you, rather than to teach you about God’s love and concern for you.

I think you are a perfect example of God’s love in action. The way you raised your children and the way you treat others is more of a testament to the goodness of God than any religious doctrine can ever hope to be. You might not believe in a traditional religion, but that desire within you to be a good person and to help others, is God’s love in action which is operating through you.

You also believe in karma -- If you do bad, bad will come to you. This is God’s Law of Cause and Effect in action. Whatever we give out to the Universe, will someday come back to us – multiplied!

I know you are on the perfect path for you. You don’t need to conform to specific religious doctrines or rules. Love and goodness are guiding your actions. You are bringing what God really is – love in action – into every aspect of your life.
Well done!

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