Hope and Faith:

Maintaining It When You
Are Overcoming Adversity

Keeping hope and faith alive when you are overcoming adversity can be quite difficult. It is easy to be positive about life when everything is going well. It isn’t so easy when you have a huge challenge staring you in the face. And it can seem impossible to do when you are dealing with more than one obstacle. However, this is the most important time for you to dig deep and keep the flame of hope and faith burning.

hope and faith

Why is it so Important?

When you are dealing with difficult situations, it is so easy to become discouraged about the outcome. You begin to believe that things will never get better –- they might even get worse. Your thoughts start to run away and create visions of impending disaster and doom. If you are thinking such negative thoughts, you might actually be helping doom and gloom show up in your life.

The Universal Law of Attraction works on your thoughts –- positive or negative. If you focus on possible negative outcomes, then the law is going to work very hard to make sure that you experience what you are picturing. Maintaining an attitude of hope and faith is the best chance you have of keeping more trouble from showing up at your doorstep.

Norman Vincent Peale was a master at staring a problem right in the face and developing a positive attitude about it. This program has helped me develop that same attitude during many of my toughest times.

In this inspiring, uplifting, and amazingly practical program — one of the all-time personal development classics —Dr. Norman Vincent Peale offers you a system of simple, powerful techniques for living a happy, joyful, satisfied life — every single day, no matter what.

Keeping the Faith Alive

Here are some ways for you to boost your hope and faith. You will probably get the best results if you use a few, or all of them, at the same time.

Say Healing Prayers – You should pray each day for a positive outcome for your situation. Know that Spirit is Infinite Goodness and is involved in your challenge and is showing you the way out. If you are dealing with more than one negative situation, you can say a prayer for healing for each one.

Talk to God - Have an honest conversation with your Divine Parent. You don’t need to use fancy words. Just pour your heart out.

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Let Spirit know you are afraid and you can’t figure out how to make things right. Tell Spirit that you expect to be supported in the perfect resolution of your challenge. Don’t worry that you might make God angry – that is impossible to do.

Get Centered in Divine Love – Take your attention away from the outside world. Close your eyes, relax your breathing, and feel yourself being held and comforted by the arms of Divine Love. Hear these comforting words, “I will never forsake you. I will not leave you. Wherever you go, I am there too. I will make things right for you.”

Lean on the Spiritual Masters – Read words of wisdom from the spiritual masters, including quotes about faith and about God's love and support for you. Let these words of Truth permeate every atom of your being, so you can embody their message. Let these healing words get you back on track with your hope and faith.

Deny the Negative and Affirm the Positive – When you think about your situation, deny that it has any power over you. Even though it might seem to have control over your life, it really doesn’t. Your thoughts have control over your life, not some negative situation.

Any time fear rises up inside of you say, “I am not going to be afraid because I know God is involved in every aspect of this situation.” Then say positive words of affirmation such as, “I know that God’s love is handling every aspect of this situation, so only good can result. I trust in God’s goodness and love for me. I know that all is well.” This can definitely help you maintain an attitude of hope and faith.

Use Visualization Techniques – Each day, visualize the perfect outcome of your situation. See it working out perfectly. Feel the sense of joy and gratitude of having the situation handled wonderfully. Be careful, though, not to get too attached to the specific vision you are creating. You are trying to get your thoughts into a positive mode. Be open to having something equivalent or better happen.

Listen to Uplifting Musicovercoming adversity A great way to lift up your attitude is to listen to songs that talk about hope and faith. Inspiring music can be a very powerful tool for spiritual healing. Let the inspirational words sink into your mind. Let the music fill up your soul. Play the songs as many times as you need to in order to feel more positive.

Maintaining a Regular Spiritual Practice

You need to have a regular spiritual practice in place to be able to maintain a faith filled attitude when you are dealing with difficult times. If you wait until you are hit with some really tough situation in order to begin using spiritual tools, you will probably have a very hard time keeping the faith.

You need to develop your hope and faith muscles on a daily basis by engaging in regular spiritual practice. If you do that, then when a storm hits and threatens to toss you into the sea, you can lean on your spiritual tools to help you ride it out and get safely back to the shore.

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