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When most people think of the phrase 'healing quotes', they usually associate those words with quotes about health. However, when I think of those words, I immediately think of spiritual healing. Why do I have a different interpretation of these words?

Because no matter what type of healing you think you want, it is always spiritual healing that you need.

Everything in life is spiritual. Nothing can be separated from spirituality because we live in a spiritual universe. You were meant to experience every good that you can imagine. If you aren’t experiencing all of the good that you want, there are false beliefs which are deep in your subconscious mind that are preventing your good from showing up. When the false beliefs are dissolved, they make way for things that you want to come into your experience.

Understanding and using healing quotes appropriately can help you get rid of the negative beliefs which are blocking your good. Thinking positive thoughts has a very constructive effect on your subconscious mind power. (add link. This can go a long way toward allowing the Universal Law of Attraction to help you manifest your good.

How Spiritual Healing Unfolds

These healing quotes refer to the idea that when you are in the process of healing a situation, it doesn’t necessarily come about immediately. It may take quite a bit of time for the healing to occur. Your role is to keep your thoughts focused on what you want and then let your ‘servant’ (the power of your subconscious mind) bring your good to you.

power of subconscious mind

“Sometimes, when you are healing, which is knowing the Truth, the [case] situation seems to get worse. . . that point where the case seems to get worse is the point at which it is breaking.”
H.B. Jeffrey, The Principles of Healing

“The Infinite Creator is already thinking the thoughts that will bring us what we want. We need only choose to let God think these thoughts through us. The impersonal obedient Servant, . . .The Creative Law will do the rest.”
Frederick Bailes, Hidden Power for Human Problems

Bailes' book Hidden Power for Human Problems shows you where many of your false beliefs are. It is one of my favorite books.

“Given the proper suggestion, the Subconscious Mind will manifest success from failure, health from disease, prosperity from poverty, friendship and love from loneliness and isolation. For nothing is impossible to the Subconscious Mind and it operates entirely by suggestion.”
U.S. Andersen, Three Magic Words

“Never place a time limit on the healing. That is dictating to the spiritual intelligence that does its perfect work when it is not impeded by your questions and false beliefs.”
Raymond Charles Barker, Spiritual Healing for Today

spiritual healing

“. . . in the spiritual life you must practice. And the only way to practice is by trying to solve your problems with prayer. This develops your spiritual power and it also trains you to use that spiritual power in the most effective way.”
Emmett Fox, Stake Your Claim

“Man’s responsibility, then, is to choose his destination; the motive power to bring him there is furnished by the Infinite.”
Neville Goddard, Feeling is the Secret

Healing Quotes on Controlling Your Thoughts

These healing quotes refer to the idea that you must keep your thoughts focused on what you want.
You must exert discipline over your thinking. This might not be easy to do, but it is absolutely necessary if you want to see positive results.

“. . . man is just what he thinks himself to be . . . He will attract to himself what the thinks most about. He can learn to govern his own destiny when he learns to control his thoughts.”
Ernest Holmes, Creative Mind and Success

“Choose what you really want, for you will surely get it.”
Jack Ensign Addington, All About Goals and How to Achieve Them

“Discipline means looking beyond the appearance, beyond that which is visible and acknowledging one Infinite Cause.”
Tom Johnson, Lessons From the Source

“Don’t break faith with yourself. Believe in your power, and even when you do not consciously see how things are going to work out, keep faith with yourself.”
Robert Bitzer, Collected Essays of Robert Bitzer

Don’t Focus on the Outside World

The healing quotes listed above encourage you to turn away from what you see in your physical world and continue to focus on what you want. Things and situations in your world are ‘facts.’ Universal Laws of Truth have the power to transform everything you see in your physical world (if you believe it is possible).

“No matter what the need, the condition, the problem, it is never too late for God’s power to act, for His perfect work to be done in mind, body, and affairs. Do not let yourself believe that there is ever a time when God cannot help you”.
The Unity Guide to Healing

“Challenge your cultural training. . . We have dreams because we are here to live them!”
Patrick J. Harbula, The Magic of the Soul

“. . . we must resolutely put aside all questioning as to the specific means which will be employed in any case. To question this is to sow that very seed of doubt . . .”
Thomas Troward, The Edinburgh & Dore Lectures on Mental Science

healing quotes

“It is Faith that gives you dominion over every adverse circumstance or condition. It is your word of Faith that sets you free . . .”
Genevieve Behrend, Your Invisible Power

Work with these Quotes of Wisdom

If you read these healing quotes once or twice, you probably aren’t going to get much benefit from them. However, if you read them on a consistent basis, especially when you are beginning to lose hope and faith that things will ever change, they can help your thinking get back on track.

One of the most important healing quotes for you to remember is this --

“Whatever you think about, you bring about.”

Think positive thoughts so you can bring about greater good into your life.

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