Economic Recession

How to Stay Positive When You
Feel Things Will Never Get Better

Prolonged economic recession. Companies not hiring. Bad economy, which will likely get worse. Not only do you hear these words almost every day on the news, but it doesn't seem like things will ever get better.

The effects of financial struggle are a fact of life for millions of people, including people I care about very deeply.

And the worst part of this economic downturn is -- there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. It is very difficult to maintain a sense of hope and faith that things will ever get better.

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I personally know how difficult it is to be positive when you are living in the midst of financial turmoil. (Several years ago, my husband was downsized and I lived in fear for two years before he got a regular job.) While I know that it is almost impossible to maintain a positive attitude during a severe economic recession, I also know that it is the only way that you will personally be able to get through it successfully.

Use the Economic Recession to Power
Up Your Thinking

There are some things you can do to help yourself get through this very difficult time. These ideas can help you deal with the strain and pressure of living in a bad economy.

Take control of your thinking
If you ever want to personally move out of this economic downturn, you must take control of your thinking. I know this may seem impossible to do, but you must try to do it any way.

Your thoughts create your reality. If you continually believe that you will never get through this economic recession, then that is exactly what will happen. The bad economy might be a reality for many people, but if you are able to maintain a positive attitude that things will get better, then the Universal Law of Attraction can help draw your good to you.

Stay away from bad news
Right now, you will probably hear dire predictions about where the economy is heading -- 'we are about to fall off a financial cliff.'

If you listen to the bad news, and then spend countless hours worrying about it, it will be almost impossible for you to maintain hope that you will be able to overcome this financial downturn. So stay away from the news as much as possible.

If you continually hear the media saying how bad things are, and that there does not seem to be any likelihood that things will get better soon, turn off the radio or TV, or stop reading about it on your computer.

That bad news might be true for others, but it does not necessarily have to be true for you. There are millions of people who are doing okay during this economic recession and you can possibly be one of them.

Pray, pray, pray
This is my solution for any negative condition. Saying prayers for healing can work just as well for financial and career success as it can for physical healing. So do your prayer work every day.

Know that Spirit is not limited by what is showing up in the world right now. Claim your right to experience abundance and prosperity. Keep your mind focused on this every day.

Focus on your consciousness of success
“ Your personal world is a reflection of your consciousness. And if you have achieved any level of success in the past, it was as a result of your personal consciousness. So if you had a consciousness of success and, as a result, you were in a successful job before, then it is very possible for you to have one again.

Keep remembering your past successes. It will help you focus on the good that you have already created in your life. And when you continually think about something, the Law of Attraction can bring something similar to you.

Stay away from moaners and groaners
Just as it is very difficult to maintain a positive attitude when you are constantly bombarded by bad news from the media, it will also be difficult to remain hopeful when you are around negative people.

Negative people who 'moan and groan' about how terrible everything is will infect your thinking. Their negative attitude is like a virus that you can easily catch. So stay away from them. Hang around with positive people instead.

Read about high achievers
Read stories about people who have overcome impossible odds and finally achieved success. They are not any different than you. They just had their eye on a goal, they continued to take action toward it, and they would not allow themselves to give up.

They can be a great inspiration for you. If they were able to overcome great obstacles and achieve success, you have the ability to do it too.

Having Faith During an Economic Recession
Can Pay Huge Dividends

I realize that if you are personally struggling right now, then you might be convinced that I am crazy for suggesting these ideas. But I am not crazy. These are the same ideas that I put into practice when my family suffered our own personal economic downturn. It wasn't easy to do. At times it took more effort and faith than I believed I had. But I forced myself to do it anyway. The result of this sustained effort was that my husband finally got a job.

I know that working with these ideas will probably be very difficult for you. But they are necessary. If you find that your faith falters, try not to beat yourself up. Just pick yourself up and begin to work with these ideas again. If you persevere, it is possible for you to discover that the economic recession is still going on for others, but it might be over for you.

I wish you great abundance and prosperity and success.

From Economic Recession to Definition of Success


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