Does God understand human doubt

About a year ago I began to question everything I had always believed. Jesus died on cross to save us. There is only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus.

I could not make sense of the many other people with different faiths and spiritual beliefs that would go to Hell. The assumption that they were wasting their time, praying to someone who didn't exist, being led by a power that did not exist.

I just don't believe that. However lately I have been praying to this same God to help me connect with him and show me the way.

Does God understand when we abandon him because of doubt? Will he answer my prayer to guide me to connection with him?

Reply from Rev. Della

I applaud your willingness to question what you have been taught about God. Your Divine Wisdom was guiding you in discovering the Truth. You heard the 'still small voice within' and you were brave enough to reach out for answers.

God is a God of love and is not to be feared. There is nothing that you can possibly do, or not do, which can cause God to stop loving you.

Many religions believe that their beliefs are the only correct ways of perceiving God. They feel that "non-believers" are doomed to go to hell.

This is NOT true. God is greater than any one religious tradition. There are many paths to God. And each path is valid as long as it does not hurt others who believe in a different path.

I used to be part of a traditional religion which taught the same ideas that you learned. Those ideas didn't make sense to me either. It was a difficult decision for me to search for a different spiritual path that made more sense to me. Now I am very happy that I chose a different path because I am much more at peace with my understanding of a loving God.

God doesn't favor one religion over others. What matters more than the religion or spiritual path that you chose to follow, is how you live your life. If you love yourself and others, if you treat yourself and others well, then you will be living in alignment with the Truth of God.

I encourage you to seek out a spiritual path which feels right to you. Don’t worry about whether or not others agree with your choice. It is your life and you have a right to follow the spiritual path which suits you best.

I wish you many blessings.

Rev. Della

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