What is Your Personal
Definition of Success?

How Setting and Achieving
Goals Can Help You Get There

What is the definition of success? According to Earl Nightingale, a noted businessman, broadcaster, and philosopher of achievement . . .

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.”

In other words, if you don’t decide what you want, it is almost impossible to determine, “What is success?”

The Power of Effective Goal Setting

The Law of Success states that you can have whatever you want in life, but -– and this is absolutely critical -– you must decide what it is that you want. The law cannot bring your good to you if you haven’t first decided what that good is.

There is no one true meaning of success. Everyone is unique. What may be important to someone else might not be important to you. Effective goal setting can help you clarify what is important to you. By setting and achieving goals in different areas of your life, you will be well on your way to achieving your personal definition of success.

Goal Categories

Let’s look at some categories where you would probably benefit from setting goals.

  • Healthy Mind and Body
    I think a good definition of success is having a body that is strong and healthy enough to allow you to do what you want do. This includes being at a good weight for your height. It also means eating well, doing some form of regular exercise, and getting enough sleep. Developing a sense of peace within is also important.
    effective goal setting

    You might want to set a goal to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Maybe you want to add more physical activity to your daily routine. You might choose to go to bed earlier and plan some time for mediation or relaxation in your day.

    The important thing to remember is, if you don’t have a healthy mind and body, you won’t be able to achieve your other goals.

  • Financial Abundance and Prosperity
    A definition of success in this area would be the freedom to do what you want to do, without experiencing the stress and strain of financial challenges. It is almost impossible to feel successful if you are always worried about money.

    Some goals in this area could include reducing your spending, paying down your debt, and beginning a savings or investment program. You need to put your financial life in order so you can focus on your various goals.
    abundance and prosperity

  • Job or Entrepreneur Success
    In this area, you want to either be in a job that you love, or in your own business which brings you satisfaction. Many people just end up in a job and stay there because they get a pay check. But if you dread going to work, then I would not call this a good definition of success. You should be doing work you enjoy and also allows you to express your unique talents.

    Some goals in this area might be to start the new business that you always dreamed about. Or maybe you decide to train for that new career which has a lot of opportunities. You might want to set a goal to move into a new position in your current organization.

    You spend the majority of your life working in some way – make sure you enjoy the work that you do.

  • Positive Relationships
    No matter what goals you set, having positive relationships should definitely be one of them.
    definition of success

    As humans, we are social creatures. We need to be part of caring relationships. If you achieve all of your other goals, but you don’t achieve this one, then you really haven’t achieved the true meaning of success.

    One of your goals might be to join a new group so you can meet people who have similar interests. Or you might decide to spend more time with your friends and family. You might even set a goal that you are now ready to have a serious love relationship.

    Put developing and maintaining healthy relationships at the top of your goal list.

  • Spiritual Development
    You are a spiritual being. If you don’t work on developing this aspect of yourself, you can easily feel that life has no real meaning. There is nothing more important than knowing that you are not alone to face life’s challenges. When you know that there is a Loving Power and Presence which is always with you, you can successfully handle whatever is going on in your life.

    Some goals in this category might include becoming part of a spiritual community. Maybe you want to set up a regular meditation practice or to pray on a daily basis. You can even begin to take classes to learn spiritual principles.

    When you make developing your spiritual side a major priority in your life, everything else will fall into place.

  • Self Development
    You are the most important gift that you bring to your life. So a definition of success in this area is the commitment to continually grow and develop as an individual. No matter how old you are, or how much education and experience you have, you can always learn something new.

    You might decide to take those singing lessons you’ve always thought about. You might learn a new language. Maybe you want to learn how to cook gourmet meals. Whatever you choose, learning and growing can help keep you engaged with life.

  • Enjoy Yourself
    Setting and achieving goals takes commitment. However, you can easily become so focused on achieving them, that you don’t make time to just enjoy yourself.
    what is success

    You are here to experience joy. So it is important for you to do those things that serve no other purpose but to make you feel good.

    You might set a goal to read something you enjoy for 30 minutes every day. Maybe you will make a commitment to visit a new place every year. You can choose to get a monthly massage so you can feel pampered and really relax. The important thing is to just have fun!

What is the Definition of Success?

As you can see – there is no one single answer to the question, “What is success?” The definition of success is whatever you define it to be. When you decide what you want and take consistent action toward your goal, then you have already achieved great success.

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