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“Change your thinking and you can change your life. However, you need to keep your thoughts changed long enough for the Universe to bring you what you want.”

Della Menechella

Congratulations on your decision to get unstuck and to finally achieve your vision! Our 9 session program will provide you with the tools you need to take control of your life. 

You have two options for investing in this program –

One payment of $1,125.00 (includes prepayment discount)

Three monthly payments of $400.00 each

What Others Have Said


“In the brief time we worked together, Della helped me resolve a legal matter, increased my business sales, and attracted a media placement in a national publication without hiring a publicist. Della is Spiritual Valium for the stressed and overwhelmed. She writes spiritual prescriptions that work. You’ll learn to let go of the competitive mind and tap into creative mind to create results more effortlessly." 

          Diane DiResta, Executive Speech Coach * Consultant * Media Trainer * Author


 “As a result of her coaching, I feel that I have “crossed a threshold” from simply incorporating spiritual practices into my life, to making them the focal point of my life. I was so pleased when the circumstances of my life began to improve and to move in the direction I desired.  I’m delighted to report that my life continues to improve, sometimes in ways I had previously doubted would ever improve.”

          Pat M., IT Professional


“Della provided me with an excellent balance of spiritual guidance with very practical ways to improve my personal and business life. Working with Della has moved me to higher level. I’m sure it would have taken me much longer to get there if I had not been working with her.”

          Arlene O’Reilly, Marketing Executive