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Mind Body Medicine in Action

By Guest Author, Elle Bieling

Is body work a part of healing our mind, body, and soul?

'The human body is the best picture of the human soul.'
~ Ludwig Wittgenstein

But what if I told you that you could also have healing, by using your body itself as the portal for healing through body work? This healing could be one for healing of your entire being, your mind, body, and soul.

So much has been written and discussed about the mind body connection. We are all familiar with the concept of approaching physical health by using the mind as a path to this health. We say positive affirmations to heal, meditate, chant, pray and visualize healing. These are very powerful tools, ones that I personally use a lot and know of their success. They require stillness and silence to perform.

mind body connection

I believe that the body is a portal to find information about our health and ourselves, a 'window' to our souls. Who we really are and where our issues lie. The body often must become the messenger, because the mind often fails to accept what our bodies are telling us. I call this the Body Window, where the body becomes a window to our true selves, or our soul.

If we spend the time listening to our bodies, by doing the necessary body work and listen to what it has to say to us, we can have better health. Often the body speaks in metaphors, or in a language that may be hidden from our minds. This is a language that our psyches use to hide from ourselves the real truth. This is a metaphorical language, which denies that we have a problem. This is important to us, so that we continue to think we are healthy. The body’s messages to us start out subtly, and then as we refuse to listen to its voice, it may become louder and louder until we can no longer ignore its message.

The body’s message may be in aches, pains, muscle knots, and all kinds of diseases and illness. Chronically ignoring these aches and pains will always lead to further problems for us down the road.

mind body medicine

So what is the necessary body work needed for health? There are many body practitioners like massage therapists, neuromuscular therapists, Reiki healers, Qigong healers and so forth. These types of practitioners are invaluable as a starting place, or an adjunct to our own healing processes. But the cost of these professionals can add up quickly.

I believe that we can do a lot of this work ourselves, in the comfort of our own homes. We can learn to do meditative movements to listen to our bodies. Yoga is one way, and the word 'yoga' means union with God. Yoga is a way to re-connect with God through the use of our bodies. Other meditative movements work as well, like Tai Chi, Qigong, and other traditional Chinese exercises.

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I have developed a new body work concept in foam rolling, a practice athletes perform to roll out muscle knots and lengthen overused and sore muscles. This practice of rolling your body on a foam roller can help you identify where you are storing your body’s tension.

We all know that certain areas hold our stress, especially in places like your neck and shoulders. The foam roller is a great tool for re-establishing your mind body connection. It is a great way to listen to your body and ask your body to reveal its messages to you. If it is done meditatively, a whole new world of information will be open to you. If you hear these messages and become aware of what it is your body is trying to tell you, can begin the healing process.

(Note from Rev. Della - I use the 36'' Round EVA Foam Roller for an extremely painful muscle condition. It helps me loosen muscles that have become restricted. I can't imagine living without it!)

May you start your journey to healing of your mind, body and soul through the body work practices and may your mind body connections always be open!

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Photo of Elle BielingAbout the Author

Elle Bieling is a holistic health nurse and creator of The Body Window website, a site committed to helping you reintegrate your body into your body-mind-soul health.

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