An Abundance Course

How It Can Be The Most
Valuable Education You’ve Ever Had

If you have never taken an abundance course, you are missing something very special. I love teaching this type of class because it really helps my students understand how the Law of Abundance works. There is Infinite Abundance available for you, but if you don’t know how to tap into it, it is very likely that you won’t enjoy a lot of prosperity in your life.

What is the Definition of Prosperity?

abundance course

The definition of prosperity includes any good that you can imagine. It includes love, money, health, success, creativity, peace, and much more. It means different things to different people. The most important thing to know is that it usually brings more joy into your life.

Can An Abundance Course
Help You Tap Into Greater Prosperity?

Yes, because it teaches you how to increase the flow of abundance into your life. Some of the ideas that may be covered include:

God is Your Source - Many people believe that the place or the channel from which they receive their money is the source of their good. So if you are getting most of your money from your job, then you probably think that your employer is the source of your money. But that is not true. God is the source of your money.

A major emphasis of this type of class is for you to realize that your job, the government, your family or any other channel is NOT the source of your prosperity. If one channel ends (such as your job), then God as Infinite Abundance, can instantaneously create a different channel from which you will receive your money.

Your Flow of Abundance is Only Limited by Your Thoughts - Another key point of an abundance course is to get you to realize that your thoughts determine how much good you will receive. The Law of Abundance is unlimited but it flows through the gate of your thinking. If you think you can only have a little prosperity, then that it what you will get. When I teach this type of class, one of my main goals is to help students stretch their thinking about how much money, health, love, joy, and success they can experience.

Law of Abundance

How to Create A Prosperity Prayer – Prayers for prosperity are very powerful tools which allow you to tap into the Law of Abundance. This type of course teaches you how to create a prosperity prayer that you can say on a daily basis or until your good shows up. I always teach my students how to say a prosperity prayer and they are delighted by the amazingly wonderful things that come into their lives – more money, exciting career opportunities, better health, and wonderful relationships.

How to do Treasure Mapping – Treasure mapping is a fun activity that is usually part of a prosperity course. You take a poster board and put pictures on it of the good that you want to have. You might glue on a picture of a new car, or of the beautiful new home you want, or you can have a picture of a group of smiling people to show the new friends you are ready to welcome into your life. It is a visual representation of what you are asking the Universe for.

My Favorite Abundance Course

If I had to choose my #1 favorite abundance course to teach, it is Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth. This class will turn your ideas about abundance upside down. But it is incredibly powerful and it will give you timeless truths about prosperity. If you are interested in taking this class (which I absolutely recommend), you can go to the International Centers for Spiritual Living to find one of the spiritual communities in your area that teach this class. I know you will be very glad that you signed up for it.

So even though you might not have ever taken an abundance course when you were going through your traditional schooling, it is definitely something that you want to think about now. Just like you learned how to read and write, taking this type of class can help you learn to live well and prosper.

Here’s to your abundance!

If you are really interested in becoming more abundant, you might want to check out this program. It teaches you how to consciously create abundance in your life. I have learned many things that have been blocking the flow of abundance in my life so I can change them. It might help you too. To find out more about it Click Here!

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