A Journey to Awareness

by Adrianne
(Metuchen, NJ)

Yoga Nidra is typically performed in a reclined position on the floor in Savasana. It can also be done in a chair, in a seated meditation position or side laying for pregnancy, snorers, or coughing.

Yoga Nidra, "Yoga Sleep" is an inward journey where you are guided systematically through of 8 stages with an inner exploration of our senses and our koshas or levels of being from the gross to the more subtle layers. Self-guiding can be achieved as you become familiar with the essential stages.

Today I decided to cultivate "A Journey of Awareness" while hiking outdoors. It was a glorious spring day. The air was clear and crisp without humidity. My son & I headed over to one of our favorite hiking locations. As we traveled through the woods we became aware of the ground, the trail beneath our feet; feeling and honoring the solid earth. We tuned into the natural sounds around us, the birds chirping, the purl of water softly flowing in the stream, the chipmunks rustling in the leaves, insects buzzing, the smells of nature, green and wild plants all around us and the gentle breeze brushing by our skin.

While this type of journey was a bit more active we received benefits synchronous to Yoga Nidra. I invite you as you go about your daily activities remain aware of the sounds around you both near and far and how the sounds blend together.

Notice your breath, the smells around you, the taste in your mouth, the temperature of the air, the placement of your feet on the ground, how you stand or sit, the places where your skin touches your clothes, and to sense how you feel. Most importantly listen, just listen with full awareness.

When we create a space for ourselves with complete awareness and mindfulness, we get to a place of balance and wholeness to feel more connected within.

To learn more about Deep Relaxation Journey: Yoga Nidra go to http://YogaNidraCD.VioletPetalsYoga.com

Friday, June 3, 2011

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