Let Go, Let God

How to Put Spiritual Sayings into Practice
so You Can Improve Your Life

Let go, let God.

It sounds easy to do, but is it really?

This phrase is probably one of the most common spiritual sayings that you have heard in your life. When you want something really badly and you’re not sure it is going to happen, one of your family members or friends might offer words of spiritual encouragement such as – “ Don’t worry about it. Just Let go, let God.”

Do you really do that or do you still continue to think about what you want – hoping that it will happen?

Here's My Story

Let me tell you a story about my own experience with the phrase Let go, let God and how it actually was the start of my personal spiritual journey of awakening.

Many years ago, my husband and I decided to have children. While we might have made that decision, our bodies obviously weren’t in agreement, because they did not cooperate with us. We were infertile.

We went to countless doctors. We had countless tests. We even had a surgery thrown in, but nothing happened. No pregnancy. I began to get frantic. The more I couldn’t have a baby, the more I wanted one. I was becoming desperate.

I became friendly with a woman at work and I told her about my situation. She gave me a bunch of small spiritual booklets that contained daily affirmations and prayers for healing. I began devouring the words in the booklets. They all seemed so positive. They began to give me some slight glimmerings of hope and faith.

One of the most frequent passages in the booklets was –“ Let go, let God.” The only problem was that I could not figure out how to do that. I was terrified that if I were to Let go, let God then I would definitely not get what I wanted.

I come from a religious tradition where when you prayed you often did not get what you prayed for. Sometimes you got part of what you prayed for, rarely you got all of what you prayed for, and more likely than not, you didn’t get what you prayed for at all. How was I possibly going to be able to let God take over when those were my odds if I did?

Bread or a Stone?

let go and let god

I continued to study the scriptures on healing that were written in the booklets and that’s when I discovered the phrases, “God never leaves a need unmet.” and “If you ask for bread, God will not give you a stone.” Those phrases became my daily words of affirmation. Gradually, I began to believe that it was possible that if I Let go, let God that I wouldn’t be disappointed - - that I would receive my gift of a baby.

As I continued to think about this, I began to stop trying to make it happen. I began to focus on the idea that God was a God of love and that He did not want to withhold my good from me. I began to see God as a being that wanted me to have the desires that were in my heart. I began to see God as a loving presence who I could depend on to support me in having my good. When I was able to change my concept of God, I was able to trust and then I was able to trust God to take over.

Guess what happened? I became pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy. I named him Mathew, which means gift from the Lord, to remind me that no matter what obstacles seem to be in my life , God’s good can come from it.

You Can Trust Too!

let go let god

How about you? Are you able to Let go, let God? The only way you will be able to do that is if you have a concept of God who is loving and who wants you to have your good. If you don’t believe that then you will always try to take back control and try to make your good happen just like I did.

But you don’t need to struggle so much; you don’t need to work so hard. If you are willing to having even a little bit of faith and then Let go, let God, you can be surprised and delighted by the good that shows up in your life.

I know. If it happened for me, it can happen for you too.

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